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A Global Family Business- Sunrider Health products

World-renowned herbalist Dr. Tei-Fu Chen founded Sunrider Internationl in 1982 with Sun Breeze Essential Oil, a product that he developed to soothe his muscles after judo practice. Since then, Sunrider’s product portfolio has grown to over 400 herbal health and beauty products, distributed to nearly 50 countries and regions.

Sunrider is a family owned business (as is SunHealthAZ) that has helped people around the world improve their lifestyle and well-being.

When the economy slumps, family firms far outshine their peers. – Harvard Business Review 2012


Quality Products – Made in the USA

All Sunrider health products, whether an anti-aging cream or weight-loss supplement, is based on the Philosophy of Regeneration – the ancient wisdom that advocates nourishing and cleansing your body with the best foods, not chemicals, to achieve balance and optimal health.

“Sunrider winds BrandLaureate Award 2011-2012 for the Best Brands in Healthcare-Beauty & Wellness”  – Source: http:..thebrandlaureate.com/2011/tbl2011-winners.html

Rather then entrust our products to outside vendors, we control the entire process from initial concept to final production.  Sunrider owns 2 million square feet of manufacturing space worldwide, including our state-of- the – art Los Angeles Manufacturing Plants. This ensures the highest standard of quality and effectiveness.

The Philosophy of Regeneration

Trained i pharmacy and herbalism, Dr. Tei-Fu Chen is one of the worlds’s leading innovators in plant-based products.  He Observed that our bodies achieve balance when nourish and cleansed with proper nutrition. When our bodies are in balance, we enjoy optimal health. Thsi respect for hte miracle of the human body, also known as the Philosophy of Regeneration, is the basis of all Sunrider products. Thus, fads and cures do not concern us, but the utmost care is given to the quality, performance, and safety of our products.

Owners Expertise

Dr. Chen’s inspired genius synergizes thousands of years of herbal tradition with modern technology to create our wide range of beneficial products.  Together with his equally gifted wife, Dr. Oi-Lin Chen, they lead a team of scientists and oversee the vast , complex production of Sunrider products.  Drs, Chen have invested hundreds of millions of dollars to control the entire process from concept to research and development to finished product rather then entrust our products to outside vendors.  We spend many months an years evaluating, experimenting, and fine-tuning our original formulas. Quality control is unparalleled.

State-of- the-Art Manufacturing

 While we choose the finest natural ingredients – botanical and herbal extracts, antioxidants, vitamins and plant oils- our trade-secret manufacturing process that elevates our ingredients into products of incredible results.  During production, we extract and concentrate the living essences of our ingredients to create a nutrient-rich final product. We own approximately two million square feet of manufacturing space worldwide   Our state of the are Los Angeles Research and Manufacturing Facilities house the most advance pharmaceutical grade machinery, specially customize for this process.  Few companies can match the scope of our manufacturing ability.

Sunrider Health Products

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