McFarland USA, Kevin Costner & Sunrider!

Based on the Philosophy of Regeneration, Sunrider Products help keep the body in balance.
Hello and Welcome to the Sunrider Thanksgiving party!

Happy Healthy Sunrider Thanksgiving !

Happy Healthy Sunrider Thanksgiving! Happy Healthy Sunrider Thanksgiving! Friends-giv-ing, n. a growing trend in which people host a potluck-style Happy Healthy Sunrider Thanksgiving party for their friends and associates a week before or after Thanksgiving. It is a very popular trend amongst young adults, or people who do not have plans to go home for the […]

These #Sunrider Products are sure to keep your trick or treaters happy and healthy

Let’s Get Halloween Healthy with Sunrider !

Let’s Get Halloween Healthy with Sunrider! The holiday is almost here! People are already decorating their homes, offices and even cars! Most people know what costumes they want to purchase or put together. Candy is now (for the last few months) is on sale everywhere 🙂  I remember as a kid, that I loved getting […]

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It’s Spring and Time to Cleanse the Liver!

It’s Spring and Time To Cleanse the Liver!   According to the Chinese, spring is the time to cleanse and nourish the liver! Should you really cleanse your liver? In traditional Chinese five element theory, the liver and gallbladder are ruled by the wood element. The liver is seen as regulating the flow a chi […]

Kevin Costner and the McFarland USA movie.

McFarland USA, Kevin Costner & Sunrider!

McFarland USA, Kevin Costner & Sunrider!:  Success story for a Teen age High School Cross- Country team and for Sunrider!!!! If you haven’t already heard of the new movie, McFarland USA, you will!  It is destined to be one of the best sports dramas of the year.  The new Disney film is based on the […]

yin-yang and philosophy of regeneration

Winter is Here! The Water Element Rules According to TCM

Winter Time Is Here! The Water Element Rules According TCM   What does that mean? According to Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM), Winter is ruled by the “Water element”, which is associated with the kidneys, bladder and adrenal glands. According to the philosophy of Chinese medicine, the kidneys are considered the source of all energy or […]

Alpha 20 C is the best for protecting a healthy immune system and to keep you going strong all year long. This unique formula is made with fortifying herbal ingredients that support your immune system by nourishing it properly. A must have product for staying healthy while traveling, or anytime you’re feeling run

Autumn-Time to Let Go!

   Use Safe Supplements for Cleansing! Use Sunrider! Autumn-Time to Let Go! (Clean out the intestines, Lungs & Emotions)   Autumn: A time to let go! I love fall in Arizona as we can finally open up our windows and doors for some cooler air! When we think of autumn, have you ever thought of how this time […]

Sunrider International Fitness System

Join the Sunrider Fitness Brigade Today!

Join the Sunrider Fitness Brigade Today! I just love Sunrider’s new Fitness Program – The Fitness Brigade!  Its a new Home Workout System from Sunrider. Here are some of the wonderful things I like about it: 1) Safe -The System has been carefully devised by approved by Reuben K, Chen, MD who is a  bio-mechanics expert […]

Fitness Brigade™ Training Program – Scottsdale, Arizona!!!!

Sooo Exciting !   Dr. Reuben K. Chen, MD will be here in Scottsdale Arizona at the JCC this Saturday, April 12th from 11;00Am to 1:00 PM! Dr. Reuben K. Chen will hold an informative Health talk about the Five Pillars of Health, Well-Being, Fitness and Healthy Weight Loss! 1) The Importance of Sleep 2) […]

Sunrider Just Featured Me in Their New Video!

I’m not a big fan of this video (no one likes watching themselves). But I am so proud that Sunrider chose to feature me as a part of their “Real People, Real Success Series.” If you are interested in the Sunrider Opportunity, please visit my Business Opportunity Page. There you will find more information on […]

Sunbar – The Ultimate Energy Bar

MORE ENERGY, FEEL GREAT! The Healthy Sunrider SunBar® tastes GREAT!  It  is not only soft, moist, and delicious, it’s providing  balanced nutrition from concentrated herbs and whole foods. No empty calories here, just real food that does your body good.  Unlike “other health bars on the market”  When eating the Sunbar, Your body will immediately recognize […]

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