Calli Tea – Livestrong: the Benefits!

Calli Tea – Livestrong: the Benefits!

Calli Tea :I like reading health articles on LiveStrong

Sunrider calli teaCalli Tea, I found one that discusses the benefits of drinking the Sunrider Calli Tea and I wanted to share it with you.

Calli® is an all-natural herbal tea and a healthful alternative to beverages with added caffeine, sugar, and chemicals. It contains antioxidants to protect the body from free radicals, and the unique herbal extracts in the formula assist the bodyʼs natural cleansing process.

Like most people, I have found that i sometimes have “down time”. Every so often i find myself having an issue with focusing or clarity of the mind. It takes me a while to “get back” into things…. Since i have started drinking the Sunrider Calli Tea, I have found that I can think more clearly and I am more focused with what I am doing during a long day.

We have many health success stories of friends, customers and partners that are also leading long stressful lives and we have found that when they drink the Calli Tea in the morning and afternoon, they feel relaxed and focused.  Students just love the Calli Tea in addition to people that spend a lot of time sitting at a desk working on the computer or studying. Everyone seems to like the Calli Mint flavor in the summer and the Calli Cinnamon flavor in the winter. 🙂

Some people feel that the Calli Tea helps Cleanse the body of heavy metals or toxins that have been accumulated in the body over time…

I can personally tell you that  i make a pot of Calli Tea in the morning. One Calli Tea bag makes 4 cups of tea. Boil up a pot of water, let it sit for about 5 minuets to cool off (you don’t want the boiling water to burn the herbs and flowers in the Tea bag). Then place the bag in a picture of the water (don’t put the Calli Tea bag in one cup of water, it is too strong) and let the bag sit in the piture of water for about 10 minuets. Then take the Calli Tea bag out of the water and save it 🙂 Place the tea bag into one of your potted plants and watch how the plant grows beautifully 🙂 Or you can always place the tea bag, once it has cooled off on your eyes to get rid of “puffiness’ or swelling, or “tired” looking eye bags under your eyes.

I like to add the Sunrider SunnyDew natural sweetener to my Calli Tea. Tastes fantastic! Everyone loves to drink the Calli Tea, Children do as well 🙂

What Are the Benefits of Drinking Calli Tea?  Go to our link : Sunrider Calli Tea.