Back to School Skin Care with Kandesn

Back to School Skin Care with Kandesn

Everyone wants to look their best!  It is so important to use and enjoy Safe, healthy skin care.  The Sunrider Skin care is just amazing!  Unlike “other” products on the market, Sunrider does not use Lanolin, Petroleum, or mineral oils that clog the pores of your skin. This video features skin care products that comprise the Kandesn® Gentle Skin Care Set, plus the Oi-Lin® Clay Mask. This collection provides a simple skin care regimen for people of all ages (best for those below the age of 40, afterwords, I would use the Oi Lin Skin Care Line)  and skin types, but particularly for those prone to skin sensitivities and breakouts—making it perfect for high school and college students.

Skin care specialist Julie McLewee demonstrates how and when to use each of the products and explains the skin-balancing and beauty benefits derived from using them. The Kandesn® Gentle Skin Care Set contains: Kandesn® Cleansing Cream, Kandesn® Gentle Cleanser, Kandesn® Astringent, and Kandesn® Deep Moisture Lotion. The Oi-Lin® Clay Mask is available separately.


[Video] – Why I Love Sunrider

[Video] – Why I Love Sunrider

I believe in Sunrider and their products because I have used them for 20 years. Not only that, but my wife (a holistic nutritionist) has also used them for 20 years.

Our children (now fully grown adults) lived the Sunrider lifestyle.

Why do we so fervently believe in these products that we pass them on through generations? All of my blog posts will tell you why.

But, you don’t have to take my word for it. There are thousands of other Sunriders out there that love the products as much as me and my family do. Here’s one:

Like many “Sunriders,” Laurie began using only one or two products. But she loved them so much, she expanded more and more into living the Sunrider Lifestyle. Now she and her family live a healthier (and happier) lifestyle.

Best beginner products – Most popular products for the Beginning Sunrider=


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