Fat, Could Your Healthy Diet Make Me Fat?

Is your Diet Making me FAT? www.SunHealthAZ.com #Sunrider #NutritionalDetox 602-492-9214 sunhealthaz@gmail.com

Is your Diet Making me FAT? www.SunHealthAZ.com #Sunrider #NutritionalDetox 602-492-9214 sunhealthaz@gmail.com

There are people that eat as little fat as possible to lose weight and stay healthy, and other people stay away from carbohydrates. Some people are on a Vegan Diet (with no animal products) and others go on a Paleo diet, people that eat lots of meat. One famous diet promotes fasting for hours and another diet promotes frequent small meals. Who’s right?

Perhaps they all are, according to the new field of “personalized nutrition.”

Last month an Israeli study of personalized nutrition was heralded by a media frenzy concerning fat and diet issues. 

The Israeli diet study upends everything we thought we knew about ‘healthy’ food and getting fat. The research suggests that some people maybe eating a lot of some foods, like cucumbers, that are good for most people, but bad for them individually . This raises the possibility that a personalized direction for nutrition maybe better then the national guidelines directed for the whole public.

Is your Diet making me Fat? www.SunHealthAZ.com #Sunrider #nutritionalcleanse #Detox 602-492-9214

Is your diet making me fat? www.SunHealthAZ.com #Sunrider #Nutritionalcleanse #Detox #Cleanse 602-492-9214 sunhealthaz@gmail.com

In effect what looks to be correct is that we all need a diet that is composed of food groups that fulfill the bodies natural  needs without adding to inflammation or getting fat.   This is not an “easy” task due to all the eating options out there in the market.  Due to this latest research, I believe that we all must do the best we can and try and address the issue of eating healthier.

The Chinese have a ancient Philosophy of Regeneration that has been around for thousands of years. One of the aspects of this philosophy states that one must eat and drink foods that both nourish and cleanse the body. When doing this, the body will come to balance. A balanced body is a healthy body. A healthy diet that consists of lots of vegetables, fruits, healthy proteins  and whole grains meets most peoples dietary needs.

Most people know that vegetables, fruits, legumes, grains, herbs and fiber are good for them.  Additionally,  most know that they do not eat enough of them to during the day. I have found that supplementing our families daily food intake with the Sunrider Whole foods and drinks based on the philosophy of Regeneration,  not only assist us with attaining the optimal nutrition, but it actually optimizes it in an easy simple way. 

Is your Diet Making me Fat? www.SunHealthAZ.com #sunrider 602-492-9214 sunhealthaz@gmail.com

Is your Diet Making me Fat? www.SunHealthAZ.com #sunrider 602-492-9214 sunhealthaz@gmail.com

By adding the Sunrider Quinary (50 herbs – Nourish and Balancing foods ), the Sunrider VitaShake (a complete meal – Nourish food, all the vitamins and nutrients needed  in a tasty shake), Sunrider Fortune Delight and Cali tea, both a Nourishment and Cleansing drinks at the same time) our family gets the nourishment and cleansing that it needs to stay healthy. In addition I enjoy the Sunrider SunTrim Plus to assist me with eating healthy and staying slim. I recently “lost” 8 Pounds of unwanted FAT in ten days with the SunTrim Plus 🙂

I used to get a cold every year, but since I have been eating and drinking the Sunrider foods since 1994,  I only catch a cold once every four to five years, and even then it is only for a day and a half 🙂

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