Craig Holiday – Meet the New Sunrider International Special Business Development Consultant!

Craig Holiday - Sunrider International 602-492-9214

Craig Holiday – Sunrider International 602-492-9214

Craig Holiday – We are having a very informal meet and greet Craig Holiday! If you are in the area or would like to send someone from your Sunrider Team to meet Mr. Holiday, drop by and hear the shpeal ???? I had the honor of meeting Mr Holiday last week! We had a fantastic one on one!

His vision and training is especially exciting due to the Sunrider business growth that we expect in the upcoming months in the Sunrider Business  due to the exciting Sunrider International Compensation Plan changes ! 

I just returned from a overseas trip to Israel to support our Sunrider Partners there and had a first hand experience with the exciting business growth we are experiencing there in Israel due to the Sunrider Compensation plan changes. Now combine that with the Company’s leadership, mentorship, new exciting tools, teamwork and new support trainings, I expect the business to double if not triple in the next 12 months. Craig will be a great resource for us all to grow our businesses!


“Recently Sunrider hired Craig Holiday to help them create an overall program to help Sunrider grow in the future.  He has a lot of experience in the networking industry as a distributor and in helping companies create a new round of growth.  I have spent several hours on the phone talking with Craig and discussing what we need to make growth happen.  I am impressed with his grasp of what it takes to create leadership, excited distributors, and growth.”  Paul Jensen 


I was so excited to meet Mr. Holiday that I asked him if he could be available to meet with us this coming week!

Come learn what’s new in Sunrider and future business growth plans!

Here is the location of the event:

As you all know, Sunrider International is getting ready to take off in a BIG way!

Come and meet one of the industries key leaders and see how you and your team can tap into this training and growth stage!

Sunrider International brought on a special business development consultant.  His focus is training and developing tools with IBO’s.  He has over 37 years of MLM experience including 25 years as one of the top Amway IBO’s.  He has since been doing consulting work with MLM’s to help them create tools for IBO’s and also train our IBO’s to learn how to develop strong networks.  He also happens to live in Scottsdale, Az.  His name is Craig Holiday. 


Here is the link to a video.


Sunrider International understands that communication is a big thing, and his role will be to help establish a better understanding of what is needed from our IBO’s and also help to develop a training program for the downline of our leaders.


Here is the location of the event: