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Dr. Reuben K. Chen, MD will be here in Scottsdale Arizona at the JCC this Saturday, April 12th from 11;00Am to 1:00 PM!

Sunrider is whole food not chemicals

Dr. Reuben K. Chen will hold an informative Health talk about the Five Pillars of Health, Well-Being, Fitness and Healthy Weight Loss!

1) The Importance of Sleep

2) Whole foods

3) Cardio health 

4) Resistance Training 

5) Super Foods – Nutrient Dense Plant Based Foods

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It’s with great excitement that we officially launch the Fitness Brigade™ Training Programfeaturing Reuben K. Chen, MD

We already have the best products and the best business opportunity, and now we have the best fitness program too. 

The Fitness Brigade workout is an all body workout.  It is great for people who want to burn calories in a fast, Safe and simple way.  The program is all based on the U.S.A Special forces full body workouts!   Providing you with a safe and effective way to get into the best shape of your life as FAST as possible!  The fitness Brigade is great for people who want to get into better shape and those that want to raise it a level!  The Fitness Brigade has many different levels of workouts, modified, and advanced workouts,  so it is suited for everyone, no matter what shape you are in, you can benefit and improve your health with this system!


The Fitness Brigade is just wonderful for those that want to start and get in better shape, everyone at any age can participate!  


The Fitness Brigade is a home based workout you can do anywhere, anytime!

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Combined with the Sunrider SunFit Program, the fitness Brigade is a fantastic way to get into the optimal shape you always wanted! It is a wonderful tool to jump-start your Sunrider business as well!

Watch this presentation to find out why our system is revolutionary. Simply view the presentation below or click on the link to get the exciting details from Fitness Brigade creator Reuben K. Chen, MD! 

The Fitness Brigade™ Training Program is officially available for purchase here, so let’s boost those endorphin’s and our health too!


We are going to have a LOT of Fun!  

So please, register now!  

IBO’s are $5 

Guests are FREE – So invite your friends and family!!!

Make sure to bring your work out gear 🙂


See you all this Saturday, April 12th from 11:00 to 1:00!!!

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