Join the Sunrider Fitness Brigade Today! I just love Sunrider’s new Fitness Program – The Fitness Brigade!  Its a new Home Workout System from Sunrider.Fitness Brigade
Here are some of the wonderful things I like about it:
1) Safe -The System has been carefully devised by approved by Reuben K, Chen, MD who is a  bio-mechanics expert and doctor of Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation at SunLiving Heatlh & Wellness Cinic in Torrance, California.  He developed the program in collaborative effort with actively serving members of the military.  The military knows how to get you into shape in the least amount of time! 🙂
2) Good for all Fitness Levels – Anyone in any shape can do these workouts.  There are modified and advanced positions for each and every exercise. You can take it slow or speed up the amount of exercises.  everything is timed, so if you want to do them faster or slower you can.  It looks hard on the video, but the modifications can help a lot if you need to start at a more basic level.
3) The Fitness Brigade Home workout system is a Total Health System- It includes the five elements of Fitness: Regenerative Nutrition, Supplements (the SunFit Pack), Resistance Training, Cardiovascular Training, and Rest.
I just love it! I do not have to pay for a Gym membership, or take time out of my day to go to the gym!  Most people do not have the time, money or even feel comfortable to go to the gym.  With the Fitness Brigade, I can get up in the morning, do a half an hour of workouts, take a shower and the get on with my day! So easy, and I feel good knowing its all brought to me by Sunrider – a company I know and trust to help me live in good health. Join the Sunrider Fitness Brigade Today!