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Based on the Philosophy of Regeneration, Sunrider Products help keep the body in balance.
Sunrider Bella


50 caps/ bottle.



This exclusive formula helps ease women through the changes associated with menopause.

Dr. Chen’s formula for women is named Bella because it means beautiful in Latin. All-natural, super-concentrated, and without any added hormones, this exclusive formula helps ease women through the physical and mental changes associated with menopause. The results are a younger feeling, and more beautiful, confident you.



Regenerate your body with Sunrider today!

Sheryl Fitzharris

Recently I decided to have a physical which I haven’t had for a number of years because I always feel so great.  I found myself a wonderful doctor and she did the blood work and today I had a complete physical.

Her assistant weighed me, checked my blood pressure, height, and asked me when my last period was. I told her it was about 10 years ago and she asked if I was in early menopause to which I replied, ” No, I’m finished with menopause.” With a shocked look on her face she asked, “How old are you?” I told her 61 and her mouth dropped.  She said, “I thought you were in your late thirties! ” Maybe my Maui tan helped as well! When the doctor came in she brought my blood work up on the computer and all she kept saying about my organs and different level readings in my blood was “excellent, excellent, and excellent!” She said, ” I have never seen anyone with readings like yours and if I had a gold star you would get it.” I had put down on my paper work that I eat Sunrider foods, so she then said, “Tell me about these special foods you eat.” so I proceeded to present Sunrider and all the wonderful things it has brought to my life, my family’s life, and so many others. She said, ” I THINK YOU HAVE FOUND THE FOUNTAIN OF YOUTH.”.  She said, “Whatever you are doing, keep on doing it and I need to get on your program. ” To which I said, ” It would be my pleasure!”

There is no better gift than good health, and the best gift of all is excellent health, vitality, and well-being, which Sunrider has definitely provided for me.

For the past 24 years, Sunrider had been a very special part of my life. Drs. Chen have been given a great gift with their vision and expertise creating these wonderful products. I’m so grateful they decided to share them with the world. I feel I was given a gift when Sunrider was shared with me, and how could I possibly keep it to myself when I know it can benefit others.

Sunrider philosophy of Regeneration is not about curing disease; rather it’s about cleansing and nourishing the body so that it can have optimal health. It has definitely helped me maintain my optimal health. Drs. Chen have definitely given us ” the fountain of youth.” We just need to take part with love in our hearts and appreciation for all we have-not what we don’t have.



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