Sunrider Calli Tea

Sunrider Calli Tea is much more than just green tea – the unique herbal extracts in Calli® assist in the body’s natural cleansing processes. The health advantages of drinking green tea are well documented and that’s why Sunrider has used green tea in Calli® for 20 years. Interested in learning more about how this beverage can help replace unhealthy drinks? Click below to read more about the benefits of Calli®! 
Starter Pack = (10) bags
Economy Pack = (60) bags

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Calli Tea

Soothes with healthy hydration

Cleanses with natural antioxidants

Four times more concentrated then traditional green tea

Zero fat, preservatives, or artificial sweeteners

No added caffeine or sugar

Delicious hot or cold

Cleanse and Protect Every Sip

A proprietary blend of green tea and herbal extracts, this “super tea” is made with our exclusive concentration method that enhances. the release of tea catechins, bioflavonoids,  and other potent antioxidants in a way not possible with traditional grinding. Calli protects against free radicals while supporting your body’s natural cleansing and digestive processes, to ultimately boost the delivery of vital micronutrients. Delicious hot or cold, it makes a healthy replacement for coffee, tea, latte, and cola.

Naturally Powerful Ingredients;

Camellia Leaf – The catechins in this herb amplify your body’s natural cleansing process by helping remove free radicals.

PERILLA LEAF – Widely used in Traditional Chinese Medicine, this protective herb is rich in antioxidants. 

ALISMA ROOT EXTRACT AND IMPERATE ROOT – These plants are known for their natural diuretic properties. 

HOW TO USE – Steep one Calli herbal tea bag in 16 fl. oz. (480 mL ) of water fro three to five minutes, remove bag. Enjoy!

Calli® Regular, Mint & Cinnamon
Recently, many other beverage manufacturers have “discovered” the various health advantages of drinking green tea and other herbal beverages. Sunrider has used it in Calli® for 20 years. However, Calli® is much more than just green tea. It’s an exclusive formula created using owner expertise with proven effectiveness.
While many of the undesirable elements we take into our body are quickly eliminated, others are not. That’s where Sunrider Calli Tea comes in. Combined with a nutritious meal and a consistent exercise program, the unique herbal extracts in Calli® assist in the body’s natural cleansing processes.


  • All natural blend of exquisite tea leaves and extracts to assist the body’s elimination and cleansing processes.
  • Low-calorie, fat-and cholesterol-free, with no added sugar.
  • Delicious beverage alternative, hot or cold.
  • Each bag individually sealed to preserve freshness.
  • Available in four formulations: Regular Calli, Mint Calli, Cinnamon Calli and Night Calli.



CALLI Regular, Mint and Cinnamon contain a balanced combination of Camellia Leaf, Perilla Leaf, Mori Bark Extract, Alisma Root Extract, Impetrate Root, and other herbs as flavoring. 

Calli® Night
This special herbal formula in a tea bag contains an exclusive combination of herbs. It is designed for people who enjoy a cup of herbal beverage at night to help get a good night’s sleep. You can drink it during the day to help you relax when under stress. There are no chemicals or caffeine added to this all-natural formula.


CALLI NIGHT Contains a balanced combination of Passion Flower, Ho Shou Wu, Jujube Seed, Poria, Camellia Leaf, Sage Root, Rose Hips, Imperate Root and Winter Melon Seed, It’s a great way to promote smooth sleep at night. 

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Steep one pouch of Calli Regular, Mint, Cinnamon or Night for approximately five to ten minutes in two to four cups of hot or cold water. Sweeten with you choice of natural sweeteners or drink as is.  For optimal results, drink at least one quart of Calli per day. For Calli Night, steep one bag in one to four cups of hot water for approximately five to ten minutes. 

Looking to try our Calli for the first time? We’d recommend going with the Starter Pack, as it’s the perfect size for first-time customers or for a gift to help a friend or loved one replace unhealthy beverages with a healthier alternative! Once you see the benefits that Calli has in your life and you’re ready to stock up your home, we’d recommend the Economy Pack to save more per each serving. Click below to learn more from real customers who’ve shared their Sunrider Triumph Stories about how Calli has positively impacted their lives and the lives of their family!  

Starter Pack = (10) bags
Economy Pack = (60) bags
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Bonnie Cook

Sunrider – Real People-Real success!





featuring Stories of Sunrider Triumphs

Bonnie Cook

Billings, Montana

Well-Being & Income

I was introduced to Sunrider in 2000. Linda Erb started drinking the Calli herbal tea and told me it gave her energy. That was the ticket for me.  I was working as a registered nurse at the women’s prison in Hawaii.  I was in my 60’s, exhausted, and drinking coffee for energy.  I knew it wasn’t for wise. I lost weight, had energy, and began telling my Hawaiian friends and relatives about the great Sunrider foods and cosmetic products.

My daughter, Kirsti, 27, has Down syndrome and she also drinks the Cali Herbal tea, Nuplus, VitaShake, Beauty Pearl, and loves the NuPuffs and the new oatmeal raisin SunBars for snacks.  She knows what is good for her and often reminds me, “Not too much ice cream, Mom”.  She works out every day and is keeping her weight down.  I don’t think we would be as healthy and fit had we never know about Sunrider.

I will be 70 in a few days and I still work part time as a home health nurse.  I drive around in a car with bold rainbow letters on it that says ” SUNRIDER NOURISH BALANCE CLEANSE” and I get regular contact from that.

I’m also grateful for the new compensation plan. I’m less concerned about being a “saleswoman” knowing the products speak for themselves.  I have consumed the products for years and have several customers, but now things are really booming with the new plan.  Most people I know are making three to four times more than they were.

Thank you Linda, Ceci, and all of my friends who persevered and remained faithful to me and my family in advocating good health in mind, soul, spirit, and body!  And thank you for giving me the vision to have a thriving business of my own.  I would much rather see people eat their way to health than watch people take drugs and their health decrease. How great to have such powerful, concentrated foods! 

Thank you so much, Dr. Chen. G-d has truly gifted you to help mankind!