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I use the Sunrider ElectroSport DAILY. I enjoy hiking, walking camping and working out. I feel my best when I have my water bottles filled with the Sunrider Fortune Delight, SunnyDew and the Sunrider ElectraSport. 

A concentrated herbal fluid replacement that quickly helps rehydrate, replenish, and revitalize, electrosport contains electrolytes which are critical to good health at the cellular level. Key ingredients include 10 important minerals such as calcium, zinc, magnesium, potassium and selenium.

Electrosport® is a concentrated fluid replacement that is
especially beneficial after a strenuous workout, any physically
taxing activity, and whenever there is profuse perspiration.
An integration of electrolytes, Electrosport® is designed to
replenish a body with minerals and water

IBO Testimonials
“I practice and teach yoga for several hours a day. I like to
use Electrosport® during and after my practice because it
reduces fatigue and keeps my energy level up. It also helps
me recover from my workouts quickly.”
Bryan Legere, USA
“When I go to the gym or go out with my family, I always
bring my Shaker Bottle filled with Electrosport®. I strongly
recommend this beverage to people who like active sports
such as golf, tennis, swimming, and so on. It quickly helps
to rehydrate the body after exercise with important minerals.
It is also a wonderful business tool with which to share the
Sunrider opportunity. When people see me drinking it, they
want to know about it, and I tell them about Sunrider.”
Lee, Jum Ryea, Korea
“This wonderful dietary supplement is the best way to
enhance energy levels, especially when you are going
to attend sporting events. It is designed to replenish the
depleted body with minerals and water.* My husband and I
always prepare Electrosport® and Fortune Delight® before we
join charity walks.”
Po Suk Man, Hong Kong