120 soft-gel caps/ bottle

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Probably my favorite Sunrider Product! When I have a “slow down” feeling, I right away reach for my Sunrider Energy Plus….. I keep it everywhere, in the kitchen, my office, i have a bottle in my business bag as well.  I just feel I need it a few times a day. It is a life savor for me. 

Energy PlusTM soft gelatin capsules combine the antioxidant protection of vitamin E with the helpful benefits of natural ingredients in an oil base for optimum utilization by the body.

Vitamin E, the primary ingredient in Energy Plus, is a fat-soluble vitamin that protects the body’s tissues from the damage of oxidation.* Vitamin E is important in the formationof red blood cells and in the use of vitamin K.* It may reduce the problems of memory loss and learning associated with normal aging.* Energy Plus™ is enhanced with a proprietary blend of herbs and contains 4% of the daily value of iron.

Contains wheat and soybeans.