Lifestream is designed to address the circulatory system with herbs that promote balance and fluidity throughout the body.

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I use and enjoy the benefits of eating the Sunrider Lifestream daily.

Most people i know are on some kind of medication for their blood “imbalance”. Most people I know do not eat well, our more correctly most people eat foods that are not the “healthiest”.  We all know what we should and should not consume.

In todays world we all know the food temptations out there at restaurants, parties and friend & family  get togethers, especially at the holiday times . It is not easy to “stay away” from all of that fun salty or sugary foods….

I have found that adding the Sunrider Lifestream to my daily food intake helps me feel better. 

Sunrider LifeStream 602-492-9214

Sunrider LifeStream 602-492-9214

No matter what your age or current health is you may want to add it to your daily health regimen.

Lifestream® supplement is designed to address the circulatory system with “water element” herbs that help promote balance and fluidity throughout the body.* This formula enhances adequate movement of blood through the body, which is crucial to good health.*

Based on the Philosophy of Regeneration®, Lifestream ® is designed to maintain optimum health through proper nutrition and keeping the body in balance. Exclusively formulated with a proprietary blend of concentrated herbs for effectiveness, Lifestream ® is a unique combination of Eastern herbal tradition and Western science.

Sunrider FREE Shipping 602-492-9214

Sunrider FREE Shipping 602-492-9214