The liquid form of Quinary is known as  Liqui-Five.
This multi beneficial liquid formula of blended herbs is maintained without preservatives or synthetic chemicals.
The Liqui-Five
the Liqui-Five is a “Yin” and “Yang” food which is often referred to as “Sunrider Gold” as it contains 50 of the most revered longevity and vitality plants known. It is a concentrated food for nourishing the body’s five systems: Defense, Endocrine, Digestive, Respiratory, and Circulatory. It also re-establishes communication networks between all of the five major organ systems, thereby restoring synergy and balance for working with and supporting each system.
Personally :
I personally just love the Liqui-Five version of the Sunrider Quinary. I feel it absorbs faster into my body when I take it. I feel my body energized as soon as the Liqui-Five is in my mouth.  I enjoy taking the Sunrider Liqui-Five three or more times a day. I just love the way my body feels when I take more 🙂





Featuring Stories of Sunrider Triumphs

Violeta Kreivenas

Daytona Beach, FL

Energy and Vitality 

Often my friends accuse me of being in love with Sunrider products, so I want to tell you why I’ve used them for the last 16 years.  At age 30, I almost died from hepatitis.  I was very disabled at the time so I started using different supplements to strengthen my organs.  In 1997, I started using Sunrider products.  I am feeling great, and I often asked where i get all my energy!  I am 66 years old, but I look and feel much younger.

My favorite Sunrider products are Calli, Fortune Delight, Sunbreeze Oil, Dandelion Root, Liqui-Five, and Evergreen.

My husbands swears by Veros and Dr Chen Men’s formula.  My granddaughter’s favorite product is SunTrim Plus; she lost 10 pounds using it in a short time.

I personally recommend Sunrider products, because they really work for me and my friends