Oi-Lin Cleansing Cream :-)


Designed for sensitive skin, this cleansing cream lifts away makeup and oily dirt without drying the skin or leaving a greasy feel.


Oi-Lin Cleansing Cream is Formulated to be extra gentle, even sensitive skin can enjoy the benefits of this special cleansing cream. This high-quality cleanser gently lifts make-up and oily dirt without drying out the skin, yet does not leave an oily feel. Men and women alike will enjoy the soft and smooth feel of the skin after enjoying the Oi-Lin cleansing cream.

The Oi-Lin Cleansing Cream has A broad array of herbal extracts and other botanically derived ingredients nurture the skin and help keep it moisturized and youthfully healthy-looking. The light and natural cucumber-melon scent is pleasant and gender-neutral.

I personally just love the way my skin feels so clean after using the Oi-Lin Cleansing Cream. It feels so fresh and smooth.
Every evening before bedtime, I apply the Oi-Lin Cleansing Cream. I am always, and I mean always surprised and impressed how my skin looks so clean and soft (Even though I’m a guy!) after applying the Oi-Lin Cleasing Cream! I think it maybe my favorite Skin Care Product from the Sunrider Oi-Lin Skin Care line 🙂
My teenage son, who has teenage “skin issues”. He is very very aware of his skin ( like all teenagers). He has tried everything on cleaning his face. Teenagers are all aware and worried, to say the lest….. He started using the Oi-Lin Cleansing and loves it! He says it is easy to use and cleans his skin so nice! He loves it!!! All his friends are asking him about it !
In 1994, when I first got involved with the Sunrider products, I was using energy products: Fortune Delight, SunnyDew, Nuplus, Quanary and I lost a lot of weight. Only after a few months did I even realize the skin Care Line! I said to my wife: if the Sunrider Skin Care is half as good as the weight loss products, then you should give them a try. Within a week of using the Oi-Lin Cleansing Cream and Cleansing Foam, she was hooked !!! All of her friends asked her what she was using, they said she looks so much younger ! 🙂
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