Oi-Lin Eye Cream helps reduce the appearance of puffiness around the eyes by moisturizing and smoothing out the skin.
0.5 fl.oz.


Oi-Lin Eye Cream is a complete, concentrated herbal eye treatment that moisturizer, reduces puffiness and dark circles around the eyes, and smoothed skin. This fast-acting formula offers the latest in skin care technology.

Most people realize that the “eyes are the opening to the world”. Anti-Aging, Anti-Wrinkle, The Oi-Lin Eye Cream will help you look your best

Everyone looks at your eyes and can see if you look tired, wornout or stressed πŸ™‚ You want to look your best all the time!

You want your skin Β around your eyes to look young, hydrated, Vibrant and Youthful πŸ™‚
The Oi-Lin Eye Cream does all of the above πŸ™‚ I use the Oi-Lin Eye Cream at night after cleaning my face with the Oi-lin Cleansing Cream and Oi-Lin Cleansing Foam, then the Oi-Lin Balancing Splash the The Oi-lin Deep Moisturizing Lotion. My skin is just amazing! I am told πŸ™‚
A friend of ours, (she is a new Grandmom) was out walking her grandson In a stroller at the local mall while her daughter was getting her nails done. She just wanted to give her daughter some “time off” so that she could enjoy a few moments relaxing. Afterwards while drinking smoothies at the smoothie shop, she was asked if they were sisters! My friend said yes πŸ™‚ needless to say, She loves the Oi-Lin Eye Cream πŸ™‚
Everyone realize that they maybe looking “under the weather” sometimes. Most people want an all natural vibrant healthy look. The Ant-Aging Anti-WRINKEL Oi-Lin Eye Cream will help you look and feel your best πŸ™‚
Please feel free to contact me at 602-492-9214 with any questions you might have about the Oi-Lin Eye Cream or to place an order for any of the Sunrider International Products as well πŸ™‚