Formulated to refresh and energize the skin, this water-based cleanser not only deep cleanses but also softens, soothes, and moisturizes.
2 fl.oz.

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The Oi-Lin Revitalizing Cleanser is Formulated with a unique combination of herbal and citrus fruit extracts, Oi-Lin® Revitalizing Cleanser combines cleansing with the softening, smoothing, and moisturizer effects of a soothing mask. Your skin will feel refreshed and energized.
It is recommended to use and enjoy the Oi-Lin Revitalizing Cleanser twice a day, morning and evening.
How to use the Oi-Lin Revitalizing Cleanser :
Dispense a pearl-sized amount of Oi-Lin® Revitalizing Cleanser onto hand. Add water and rub product between hands. Gently massage onto skin. Rinse with water and pat skin dry with a clean, cotton towel. For best results, follow with Oi-Lin® Facial Toner and Special Treatments. You may also alternate with Oi-Lin® Warm Facial Scrub. Of course it goes without saying that you will want to combine the Oi-Lin Revitalizing Cleanser with the other Oi-Lin healthy skin care products. For the optimal results of skin beautify, enjoy the Oi-Lin Revitalizing Cream with the Oi-Lin Cleansing Cream, the Oi-Lin Facial Toner and the Oi-Lin Deep Moisture Lotion.  You will want to do the above twice a day, morning and evening.
I tell people that they will see and amazing difference in their skin after a week of using the Oi-Lin Revitalizing Cleanser. In reality most people see and feel the wonderful results in just a few days. They love the way their skin feels so smooth and soft. Our friends have their teenage children use it. It helps them with that “teenage” skin issue. They end up buying two or three Oi-Lin Revitalizing Cleansers because theirs is always “missing” 🙂 So make sure to order 2, you will want to share your beauty secrets with other family members or friends.
Please feel free to contact us at anytime with any questions you might have concerning the Oi-Lin Revitalizing Cleanser. My wife and I use and enjoy it daily. Feel free to email us at : Sunhealthaz@gmail.com or call us at 602-492-9214. We love sharing our love for these products with like-minded people 🙂