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The Oi-Lin Skin Care Set :
The Oi-Lin Skin Care Set has to be my favorite Sunrider Skin care go to product!  This is what you want to start out with and keep on using and using! The Oil-Lin Skin Care set is for anyone at any age. It is the “go too” perfect skin care program.  Most people want to look and feel healthy, young and vibrant. Yes, even guys want to look great as well 🙂  Most people are looking for an easy, simple healthy skin care program that will be fun, hassle free and give them the results they are looking for. the Oi-Lin Skin Care Set provides all of that and more!
I have to say that ever since Sunrider came out with the Oi-Lin Skin Care Set, our sales has increased tremendously.  Why? People are enjoying the natural feeling of the health “foods” in the Oi-Lin Skin Care Set. They feel their skin being nourished, Cleansed, Balanced and soooooo smooth and soft!!!!.  I tell them that they will see a difference in their skin in a week or three, they call me back after only two days!  They like the natural ingredients, and the ease of use.
One of the things I went into training for was woman’s skin care. Before I joined Sunrider in 1994, I had no idea about skin care….Most men don’t!  I got in to Sunrider to help me with energy during my busy day, also I had an “issue” with “extra” weight…. I love to eat, I eat with my eyes…. Anyway, I understood very fast that your skin, projects your internal health and it is very important to nourish and protect your skin to stay looking young and healthy.  I learned that Sunrider treats the skin like an organ. In fact the skin is the most important thing to clean and nourish for your health everyday. As a “guys” guy, I had no Idea!  Unlike “other” companies that use chemicals on your skin, Sunrider uses Foods in the Oi-Lin Skin Care set to cleanse and nourish your skin! How wonderful is that!?!?! All of this was news to me! Now I can teach make up, blush, eye liner, everything! Too funny! But I have to say I love it! Also another thing, when using the Oi-Lin Skin Care Set, just like all the other Sunrider Products, you will feel how natural your skin feels, no chemicals, no oils, only natural flowers and herbs. How lovely is that?!?! You can see why i am so excited 🙂 Funny, coming from a guy.
I personally like how simple the set is to use. Don’t tell my wife, but when I run out of my Sunrider Mens Skin Care set, I “borrow” some of her Oi-Lin Skin Care Set.   I also like the fact that the kit is all-inclusive. the Kit has everything you will need to start looking and feeling your best. When any one asks me what should they get for their skin, I tell them, first use the Oi-Lin Skin care set, then after a few weeks lets see what  you would like to add to your daily regimen of having vibrant healthy looking fantastic skin.
We Highly recommend the Oi-Lin Skin Care Set for everyone!   People with sensitive skin or those who would like special treatment for their skin. Superior herbal ingredients and exclusive formulations go into each product included. Each set contains Oi-Lin® Cleansing Cream, Oi-Lin® Revitalizing Cleanser, Oi-Lin® Deep Moisture Lotion and Oi-Lin® Facial Toner in convenient trial sizes. The combination of products is designed to cleanse, tone, moisture  and protect your skin. When then the Oi-Lin Skin Care set is used as part of your daily skin care regimen, your skin is sure to feel an improvement in luster, texture and elasticity.
Here is a short video about the Oi-Lin Skin Care Set. It was done by our friend and long time Sunrider Julie, enjoy
Please feel free to contact me directly at anytime with any questions concerning the Sunrider products or the business opportunity . I love working with like minded people. My email is : Sunhealthaz@gmail.com and our number is 602-492-9214

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