Sunrider Sunbreeze Balm & Oil

SunBreeze Balm and SunBreeze Oil is a made up of a special combination of all-natural Chinese extracts and Chinese herbs for deep penetrating and lasting pain relief. 3 sizes available.

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Overview of Sunbreeze Balm & Oil

The Sunrider Sunbreeze oil and Balms are the best selling Sunrider products!  

Both the Sunbreeze Oil and the SunBreeze Balm come in a box of six of each 🙂 so you have plenty to enjoy, share and sell if you choose to!

You can also Choose to order One or more of the Sunrider Sunbreeze LARGE BALM as well

That says a lot, due to the fact that Sunrider has been in business for over 37 amazing years and that Sunrider currently has over 400, Four hundred products! Thats right! Out of all the 400 products that Sunrider makes and distributes, the Sunrider Sunbreeze oil and balm are number one!

The Sunrider Sunbreeze oil and balm is the the first product that Sunrider produced. Even before “other” companies started making oils, Sunrider was in the forefront! Great for massages, SunBreeze Balm and Oil soothes tired muscles.

SunBreeze Balm Sunrider provides great all-natural pain relief and much more. You won’t be able to find anything comparable to Sunbreeze Balm Sunrider to help with various issues that arise in the body. Sunrider’s proprietary mixture of super botanicals were designed with you in mind to fix the common issues that continually interfere with your daily life. Unlike most pain relievers out there that contain alcohol, acetone, or other solvents that evaporate fast, Sunrider only creates all-natural products. 

It is Sunrider’s promise to only use all-natural products that have been selected from only the best and most nutrient-dense botanicals found on Earth. Sunbreeze Balm is precisely crafted using Sunrider’s expertise for quality, purity and effectiveness.  Sunbreeze Oil is used by our customers looking for fast-acting and long-lasting relief for muscles and joint pain. Sunbreeze Sunrider is also used by our happy customers on a daily basis to calm, soothe and center their mind, body and soul. For meditation and relaxation practices, we recommend that you just rub Sunbreeze Oil gently on your forehead, neck or temple to get the best results and to feel at peace, as the fresh and invigorating scent helps to open the mind and soothe the body. 

Sunbreeze Balm & Oil Ingredients

Sunrider only uses the finest all-natural ingredients in all of their products, and the Sunbreeze products are no different! Sunbreeze Balm and Oil are made with Eucalyptus Oil, Cassia, and organic mint extract. These botanicals are used to help with chronic muscle and joint issues and have been used for thousands of years to help with these issues. Additionally, these botanicals have been known to help with arthritic pain, soothe the mind for meditation and mindfulness exercises, and reduce and relieve stress.

How to Use Sunbreeze Balm & Oil

Gently apply and massage Sunbreeze Balm directly onto the problematic joint or muscle area to relieve stiffness, soreness, aches, and pains. Sunbreeze products should be used for external use only and caution must be applied to avoid eye contact with these products. Use with heat for deeper pain relief. For use in meditation and mindfulness exercises, Sunbreeze can be applied directly to the forehead, temple or neck area and massaged gently in to soothe the mind and body. 

For those who are looking to try out Sunbreeze products, we recommend starting with a smaller size! This size is perfect as well for a gift for a friend or loved one to show them all of the great benefits of Sunbreeze Balm & Oil. Stop chronic pain get in the way of your life, get your Sunbreeze products now to get back to doing what you love! 

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Sunrider FREE Shipping 602-492-9214