Sunrider Sunectar


Sunrider Sunectar helps maintain normal blood sugar levels in health individuals, is delicious, and does not leave an aftertaste.*

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Sunrider Sunectar 

Sunrider Sunectar
Our family just loves the taste and the way our bodies feel when enjoying the Sunrider Sunectar. 

Most people enjoy a “little” sweet once in a “while”. So when I want to add some sweetness to my day, I add the Sunrider Sunectar. 

I add it to my daily Sunrider Fortune Delight and Calli drinks. I even enjoy it by itself in cool water. 

I just add a few drops into the drinks or water and mix up. I enjoy the feeling of energy when I drink it. I never have too much energy, just a relaxed one. It helps me get through the day without going for something sweet and not “healthy”. The Sunrider Sunectar has wonderful plants inside it. One of the plants is the Stevia plant or the Stevia Rebaudiana Bertoni plant. 

The Stevia rebaudiana bertoni is a plant belongs to the chrysanthemum family. It is native to South America. Stevia leaves have been used for centuries by the indigenous peoples who added it to bitter medicines and teas.
Stevia is a remarkable herb that helps maintain normal blood sugar levels in healthy individuals.*
Sunrider Sunectar® supplement is a great choice for maintaining a healthy diet and lifestyle.
Many companies are now marketing stevia products, but ours is very different. We use a special extraction and concentration process to enhance its benefits. You can also taste the difference—our Sunrider Sunectar® have a unique, delicious flavor with no aftertaste.”
Dr. Tei-Fu Chen, Founder and Owner of Sunrider International
* These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.

Bev Jones, Omaha, Nebraska
Weight Loss with SunTrim Plus
My name is Bev Jones and I’ve been a Sunrider since the summer of 1987.  I’ve always been interested in health and helping others. I started nursing school after graduating from high school, but my life soon took a different course.  I owned and operated a health spa for several years.  After closing the business, I assumed various clerical/secretarial positions for the next 40+years.  When I learned of the Philosophy of regeneration and discovered the superior quality of the products, it was a perfect fit for me.
I’ve been blessed with good health and I know the Sunrider Products have helped me maintain that. I was also blessed to not have a weight problem-until my late 50s. I believe I gained weight from stress and sitting at a desk all day.  I kept that weight on until a couple of years ago when I retired and became much more active.  I lost much of it, but then I started working again and gained  some of it back.

I’m now 65 years old and am starting to use the SunTrim Plus.  I don’t jump on the scale to weigh myself; my goal is to slim down, become fit, and “look good” in my clothes.  The product works wonderfully. I am happy and full of energy.  I find myself feeling satisfied for long periods of time-no more overeating and no more craving unhealthy snacks and sweets.  The slimmer I become, the better I feel about the product and about myself.