I enjoy the Sunrider Sunrise, just before i do a workout or a hike, anytime I think I may need a boost of energy….


Sunrise® supplement provides a natural energy boost with herbal ingredients harvested only while their active components are at their peak. Whether you’re a professional athlete or a weekend warrior, you’ll appreciate the support Sunrise® gives you. Because it is formulated with Sunrider owner expertise, there isn’t a comparable product on the marketplace.

Formulated without artificial sweeteners, colors or preservatives, the nutrients in Sunrise® are easily absorbed and processed by the body. Based on the Philosophy of Regeneration®, our formula helps you to maintain optimum health through proper nutrition and keep the body in balance.

Sunrider ElectoSport 602-492-9214 10/ .5 fl. oz. Mini Pack bottles

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A low calorie, natural nutritional boost that helps enhance energy levels throught the day. Sunrise herbal ingredients are harvested while their active components are at their peak. Key ingredients include lycii fruit, Chinese ginseng root and white cornel fruit.