SunSmile Tabs



SunSmile Tabs

This unique breath freshener gives your mouth that just-cleaned feeling, so you can feel confident no matter where you are or what you’re doing. Blister-packed for convenience and freshness, the pleasant taste gives a fresh, tingly feeling that lasts a long time. Slip a pack in your pocket or purse, so you’ll have them whenever you need them.
I just love the Sunrider  SunSmile Tabs, I make sure I have them on me all the time. The Sunrider SunSmile Tabs are easy to carry around. I have them in my business bag, my workout bag, in my car and I keep them also with my toothpaste and shaving stuff 🙂 I always make sure to have them on me for fast use after a meal on the road or at home. I also make sure that I have them in my car so that when I get out to meet people for a meeting, they are easy to get and use so that I feel confident when speaking with people. In addition, I like to have them on me and use them when I get to the gym, just makes me feel confident knowing that my breath smells clean….. My Children enjoy them as well
It is sometimes hard to always brush your teeth during the busy day…. So my children also like to take the Sunrider SunSmile Tabs with them where ever they go as well. They understand that it is healthy to use the Sunrider SunSmile Tabs to keep a clean and healthy mouth at all times 🙂
Please do not forget to also use the Sunrider SunSmile Toothpaste as well. There is no better toothpaste on the market. I promise you that you will love it! Once you try the Sunrider SunSmile tooth paste you will never go back to any other toothpaste again.
Chew one tablet after each meal or anytime to maintain oral hygiene and refresh your mouth. I prefer to just keep the Sunrider SunSmile Tabs in my mouth and let them devolve.


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