SunTrim® Shake Chocolate 10pk



Congratulations, you have found it!

You may be like many people out there looking for a top quality plant based nutritionaly dense shake.  With so manyt is not easy to locate.


for the Best Shake Rich in flavor and nutrients, SunTrim® Shake also helps you stave off hunger and feel fuller with its exclusive blend of plant-based protein and herbal ingredients. Enjoy it daily to support your energy and fitness goals.

  • Complete protein (all 9 amino acids)
  • Supplies vitamins, minerals, and complex carbs
  • Vegan formula
  • Satisfies appetite
  • Tastes great

Mix one package with 180 mL–240 mL of water in a shaker bottle. Drink as is or sweeten to taste with SunnyDew®

Sunrider FREE Shipping 602-492-9214

Sunrider FREE Shipping 602-492-9214