Refund and Returns Policy

SunHealth AZ / Financially Fit Inc’s refund and return policy is in line with Sunrider’s corporate policies that can be found at this link here. The overview for our refund and return policy is also included in the below information. Please carefully review the following details and feel free to send us an email at for any additional questions you may have.

14-Day Return Policy:

Customers of SunHealth AZ can return products for reimbursement if they send the products, original packing materials, and shipping invoice to our office within 14 days of the receipt. Prior to the return of any products, Customers must first contact us at either or give us a call at (602) 492-9214 to inform us of the return and the reason for return / requested refund. 

If the return is due to shipping discrepancy or product damage, SunHealth AZ has the option, at its sole discretion, to provide a refund or replace the product(s). Failure to submit a request for reimbursement within 14 days of receipt might result in denial of a refund claim. Returns should be sent by common carrier. SunHealth AZ will reimburse the Customer for the purchase price of the products minus any applicable processing fees and/or research fees. Postage for returns will not be refunded.

A complete street address with a current phone number is necessary to ensure prompt delivery of product shipments. SunHealth AZ will make every effort to ensure prompt delivery but cannot be held responsible for delayed shipments. Members must confirm 1) that the product received matches the product listed on the shipping invoice, and 2) that the product is not damaged.

For shipping inquiries or lost orders please contact Aaron Shuster at SunHealth AZ at (602) 492-9214 or via email

Damaged and/or Defective Product Return Policy

Damaged or defective products must be returned within 14 days of receipt. Failure to comply with the 14 day requirement will result in denial of the claim. When returning damaged or defective products to SunHealth AZ, the Retail Customer, Preferred Customer, or IBO making the return must include the Shipping Discrepancy or Damage Claim Form, packing materials, copies of shipping documents, and a copy of the invoice. The person making the return may request either replacement of the same products or a product credit.

Need Help?

Please contact Aaron Shuster at for any further questions about a current refund or our policies.