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Health Resources – Please explore this site for all health resources and  information that you need to learn about living a healthy lifestyle and how Sunrider health products can help.

Since 1982, Sunrider international has helped people around the world improve their lifestyles and well-being. We are a global business, operating in nearly 50 countries and regions with thousands of Sunrider Authorized Stores in China and the rest of Asia. We partner with entrepreneurs to offer exceptional wellness products. Quality and safety are our top priorities, thus we research, develop, and manufacture over 400 products in our state-of-the-art facilities, spanning two million square feet. As a family-owned business, we take great pride in offering valuable products and helping people make exciting changes to their fortunes, their appearance, and well-being.

We are committed to bringing you the highest quality products and up-to-date information.

Blog (loaded with informational articles, testimonials, health tips, and inspiration)

Videos fantasic videos all focused on health, wellness, healthy lifestyle and wealth. Experts from all over the world.

Calendar of Events  Join in our events: Webinars, Conference calls, meetups, Fitness Brigade work outs, conventions and lectures.

Recipes  Easy to make tasty healthy recipes!

Fitness Brigade – Sunrider Fitness Brigade Home Workout System! Easy to use home workouts that you can do at your convenace ! Full body workouts, cardio, resistance training, healthy food guide, workout and food journal.

Healthy Weight Loss – Easy everyday simple tasks that assist you towards a healthy balanced body.  A healthy body is balanced and at optimal health and weight.

Regenerative Nutrition – Two page document on Phase 1 & 2 of easy steps on which Sunrider International Products to use for fast healthy wellness results.

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