Sunrider Products : Health and Wealth Testimonials

Sunrider Products : Health and Wealth Testimonials : “Thanks Aaron for turning me on to the Sunrider herbs!  As a TCM herbalist and acupuncturist /  Korean Hand therapist, I’m amazed at the potency of the herbs.   Conco and Alpha20C work like a charm for digestive problems.  I love hearing back from folks how their energy has improved in just two days.  As a climber, I love Fortune Delight.  Nuplus and SunnyDew mixed in with structured water as a power drink along with Sunbars for mountain hikes and rock climbs to sustain the energy bank with clean, powerful herbal fuel  Chinese herbs for Life!” – TNT, Co/Spain



“Thanks to Dr. Geier and the Sunrider Assimilad, I learned that my 8/10 Back Pain was due to my intestinal health.  After three days of taking Assimilad, I am now at a 3/10 for my back pain.”



Collen : My very first Sunrider Hero was Sharyn Wynters. The first testimonial I ever heard that inspired me was of this lady that is still my friend 29 years later. I saw her on Tape of the Month. Her story was that she had developed cancer in three parts of her body. A dentist had helped her get well with the knowledge of nutrition. From that pointforward she searched for the highest form of nutrition she could put into her body. But she found that it wasn’t that easy. Even if you tried to get organic if the crops were grown near a highway they got fumigated, if they were put into trucks and warehouses that had been fumigated or not been cleaned properly they picked up chemicals. The scope of the problem was huge. Then she found Sunrider, she said “I had been meditating for 16 years but after eating Sunrider for only a week I got to a spiritual place I had never been before.” This comment validated a part of my own Sunrider experience that I had not been able to put into words. I also felt a new spiritual awakening happen when I started eating Sunrider. She went on to say that she felt after an endless frustrating journey she had finally found “home.”She is now a Naturopathic Doctor, at the time she was a massage therapist. She said she had the ability to feel the Sunrider differences in her client’s bodies with her hands. (By the way her clients are some of the biggest Hollywood stars)  Sharyn is one of the most amazing high energy, highly motivated people it has been my pleasure to know. She is involved with many leading edge health projects. Right now she is working tirelessly to oppose mandatoryvaccination. She has worked with Fran Drescher in her project called Cancer Schmancer. She is on many boards, and groups that promote natural health. She also worked with another of my favorite Spiritual leaders MarianneWilliamson in her run for a political seat. She is a new Grandmother and still looks like she could fit into a high school crowd. She is singing at the Epic Lounge (LA area) on her birthday this May 23rd. She has a radio talk show on healthy living topics. And my favorite of all…….She was Cat girl in the original Batman TV series with Adam West. (That will date us, I was a freshman in high school.) You can find out all about her on her web site called Wynter’s About a year ago, I called Sharyn and asked, “How do you do it all?” She told me that she has a special drink in the morning that she attributed all her extra energy to. I wrote it down but did not act on it….. UNTIL, I found myself in a rut of not being inspired to make changes. I pulled out the paper and started making the drink…. I can only say for me, a new level of high performance happened in quick order. My life has been altered in the most amazing way. And my Sunrider business has become very exciting again.

This is her magic recipe.

Calli (one bag made up)

Nuplus (simply herbs)

2 Quinary packages

1 Alpha 20 C package

4 Herb Cal

4 Citric C (yes you throw them in with the drink and blend)

1 Evergreen

1 VitaDophilus

Then add your choice of a Super Food ingredient: either flax seed, chia, spinach, or something fun that feels good. If I

can wait until my Calli is cool, I love to add Vitafruit. Remember never add Vitafruit to hot liquids.



“Being the skeptic I am, I thought these products wouldn’t do a thing for me.  I tried the products and found myself feeling better. I had 5 children and worked part time on the 2nd shift. People began telling me my complexion looked better. The greatest thing was at Sunrider meetings, people were trying to guess my age and were always off by 20 years.  Apparently my body was regenerating.  I’m still a faithful user of all Sunrider products that fit into my lifestyle.

Sunrider’s foods tie in very well with today’s thinking.  Natural foods without added chemicals mean better well being. Let Sunrider be your window to wellness.” Kenny B – WI



‘Sunrider-Powered’ Judo Champion Wins Olympic Gold Medal

South Korea’s Kim Jae-Bum won the gold medal after defeating Germany’s Ole Bischof in the men’s judo under-81-kilogram category at the London 2012 Olympics Tuesday. The judoka is sponsored by Sunrider International, with the company providing him with sports and nutrition products such as MetaBooster®, Sunrise®, VitaShake®, and Calli® Night.

Kim, 27, came into the competition as a double world champion, five-time Asian champion and one-time Asian Games gold medalist. The one major victory missing from achieving a “Judo Grand Slam” was an Olympic gold medal. His dominating performance in the final earned him the missing accolade, as he proved to be too fast and dynamic for Bischof, who complimented Kim after the contest by saying, “He’s much stronger and quicker [than he was at the last Olympics]; he deserved to be champion and I’m happy he got the gold medal.”

Sunrider congratulates Kim for his historic athletic accomplishment and looks forward to continuing to support him in his quest to remain at the pinnacle of the sport

“Unlike my husband, who has enjoyed the gift of health most of his life, I have had many health problems since birth. I have been looking my whole life for various ways to heal. My mother experienced many illnesses as a child, and this led to poor health throughout her adult life. Because of her health concerns, my mother chose to become a homeopath, nutritionist, and a “health food nut.” She researched the best foods and supplements available on the market, and yet nothing worked very well. Even with all these great supplements, I felt I was just surviving. When I had my first Sunrider drink I realized that this was what I had been praying for – a highly nutritious and absorb able food that brought life and healing to my body.
Thanks to these foods I feel more alive than when I was a teenager. Our daughter, Zenia, could not have been conceived or born without the nutritional support of these foods! I call NuPlus “liquid light,” as it easily nourishes and supports the body from the inside out. I sincerely feel that Sunrider is my best friend, a friend who inspires me to be the very best as it helps me to grow and heal. As a Purna Yoga Meditation teacher, I have discovered that Sunrider is a vital part of welcoming the Spirit into the body, allowing true healing – transformation – to happen. What I do would be impossible without the Sunrider foods. Aadil and I have spent our lives finding ways that really make a difference for ourselves, our family, our students, our community, and the earth. We continue to try everything, but again and again, we find there is nothing as unique and as effective as Sunrider’s products.” – Savitri

 “I was introduced to concentrated herbal foods in 2007.   I never felt like I was really unhealthy but I knew I needed more energy. 

After eating the herbal foods and eating a more whole food diet, I began to gain energy.  I quit drinking coffee almost immediately, and noticed a sense of balance and well being.  I do not have any cravings for unhealthy foods on this program.   

I recently traveled out of state for work and forgot my foods.  By the next day I was exhausted with a headache, and I was struggling to get through my work day.  Before I could even tell my husband that I forgot my foods, he could tell by my tone of voice that I was not feeling well. 

I will NEVER leave home without my foods again!  With Andrea’s education and these foods, my health has improved significantly.” – Caroline C., Scottsdale, AZ


“I noticed that as I drank Calli tea all day at work, my clarity of thought improved dramatically and over a period of several months, my healthy lifestyle resulted in my adult acne no longer being a problem. My energy also improved.” – Kathy G., Colorado



How I’m Feeling So Far

“I have been consuming several of Sunrider’s foundational products. They include the daily and night time Calli tea, the Fortune Delight drink, the NuPlus drink mix, Herb Cal calcium chewable tabs, and the Quinary supplements that balance all five systems in the body. I have also been using the Bella supplement and just started the Ese supplement for stress management. Here are my impressions and results so far:

  • Calli Tea – for daiy detoxing (with ingredients for heavy metal detoxing) are mild, tasty and easy to drink. I especially enjoy the Calli mint tea.
  • Fortune Delight drink – for energy, well-being, healthy skin and weight management – is tasty and easy to drink. My fiance and I both love the peach flavor.
  • From the first time I took two Bella supplements (for female hormonal balance), I felt immediate results within 10 minutes. I felt a pleasant brain buzz come one which lasted all day. I haven’t had any more foggy, dead heads ruining my day since starting with Bella.
  • I am EXTREMELY PLEASED with the Ese supplement. I had been plagued with a feeling of hypertension/rapid heartbeat for months, and my stress at work was really compounding it. I was also experiencing a lot of anxiety and having a hard time calming my mind. The first day I took two Ese capsules, I noticed results immediately – my heart rate felt more normal, my chest no longer felt constricted, and my mind became calm and peaceful. When I come home from work now, I no longer have fretful thoughts about work, and have more energy to do other things. Also, I am enjoying the most peaceful sleep I remember having in a long time!
  • My overall health feels stronger. Summer is ozone season in Phoenix, and we have already had some ozone pollution alert days. I have had major struggles with pollution in Phoenix previously, but I have been feeling fine so far this summer and am SO HAPPY ABOUT THAT!! – Didi L.



“I recently got a renewed appreciation for SunBars. I work long, often stress-filled days, involving a lot of intense mental work, along with plenty of challenging workplace interaction. I usually eat a SunBar in the late afternoon with my Fortune Delight beverage before my 7 PM workout. Recently, when I was out of SunBars, I noticed a dramatic difference. Usually, my body carries me through my workout nicely, but without the bars, I found myself ‘fading more rapidly’.” – Jim A. California



“I began eating Sunrider products for the purpose of losing some extra inches. Along with a healthy lifestyle, I ate the VitaShake, Quinary, Calli , and Fortune Delight. I had my VitaShake 20 minutes before my meals and when it was time for me to eat; I ate less because I wasn’t very hungry. I drank 2 quarts of Fortune Delight tea every day. In less than 6 months, I have lost 45 pounds. The pounds melted off with very little effort. I also lost my craving for my favorite junk foods, potato chips and ice cream.” – Evelyn K. Arizona


As far as weight loss, this was
immediate, even going after every part of my body, including the upper arms
(which for me, usually remain heavy) tightening up my turkey neck, and working
it’s way toward my most toxic area, the belly fat, now also shrinking. Pretty
amazing considering I’m 69!


The information above represents the personal viewpoint of the individual and in no
way represents a cure or diagnosis of any illness or disease