Do Not Detox, until you read this

Do Not Detox, until you read this

Use Safe Supplements for Cleansing! Use Sunrider!

Use Safe Supplements for Cleansing! Use Sunrider!

Why do some doctors say detoxing can make you more toxic? Can that be true?

Many health practitioners promote detoxing, others do not!

You’ve probably heard it can remove pesticides, heavy metals and chemicals from your body and that it can help with fat loss and bolster your immune system.

But here’s something you should know:

Detoxing can actually make your body more toxic! That’s right, detoxing can actually make you sicker!

Here’s what happens…

Most toxins are stored in your fat cells.

That’s because most toxic chemicals are fat-soluble, which means they dissolve only in fatty or oily solutions, not in water. That’s why fat-soluble chemicals are attracted to your fat tissues. In fact, there are about 200 times more toxins stored in your fat cells than in your blood. Yikes!

When these toxins are trapped in your fat cells, they are contained. But when you begin a detox program… they enter your bloodstream and can travel through your body to your major organs causing what is known as the “Ping Pong Effect” and can make you feel sicker. Toxins can also invade your joints and tissues triggering pain and even more inflammation that you are currently suffering.

This why so many people who go on a detox program end up feeling worse afterwards! You may even know people who went on a detox program and had a bad reaction to it thinking it was a “healing crisis.” But this is probably not the case.

not feeling wellSome Reasons the “Ping Pong Effect” occurs;

  1. Not enough energy in the body to handle the extra stress from stirred up toxins.
  2. Detoxification is attempted while the elimination organs are stressed, toxic or sluggish.
  3. You may be lacking enough soluble and insoluble fiber to absorb the toxins. Toxins must first bind with fiber in your intestines. If you don’t eat enough fiber, the toxins are simply re-absorbed through your intestines, and sent right back into your body!
  4. Consumption of alcohol and refined carbohydrates such as sugar and white flour all interfere with the detoxification process. These should be eliminated from diet while wanting to detox.

I Found These Helpful:

Calli® , Fortune Delight ®, NuPlus ®, VitaShake ®, Quinary ®, Slim Caps ®, Fibertone ®

After working with so many clients throughout the years, I learned that building our bodies up first before we diet or detox is very important. We must have higher energy levels for our bodies to be able to process fat metabolism and cleanse toxins. I use NuPlus and VitaShake (whole food regenerative formulas) as high vibrational live foods that give us the energy needed for our bodies to heal and cleanse naturally.

Some people are natural Excretors of toxins others are Non-Excretors, either way we all benefit from daily cleansing with Calli® and Fortune Delight®. These high antioxidant drinks assist the body in cleansing and can be drank hot or cold daily. They are not diuretics or laxatives. Do not confuse these drinks with just plain green tea! These deliciously powerful beverages are amazing!

I use them daily for gentle cleansing.

Fortune Delight helps emulsify fat! Really!

Just what we need when we are trying to detox the toxins from our fat cells.

For more great information on the Sunrider Fortune Delight Beverages, click here: Fortune Delight®

Quinary helps balance the body and supports all major organs. I use Quinary daily. You will want to use as much as you can afford on a daily basis. I put it in my Calli with my NuPlus for “A Meal in a Mug”.

FibertoneUse Fibertone ®More information: Fibertone®

Based on the Philosophy of Regeneration®, the body functions at optimal levels when it is in balance. Intake (yin) and outgo (yang) are crucial elements to keeping the five systems in balance. Fibertone® specifically addresses the digestive system with a proprietary blend of herbs to help keep yin and yang in balance.*

Fibertone® supplement enhances the natural process of the digestive system.* Our exclusive formulation contains an all-natural combination of oat bran, psyllium seed and other beneficial herbs that assist the body’s metabolism.* We also recommend daily exercise in combination with a sensible diet, including high-fiber, low-fat foods such as vegetables, fruit, lean white meats or fish. 

You need fiber to help absorb the toxins so they will not get reabsorbed into your body.Got Sluggish Elimination? Try Slim Caps ®!Vitalite® Slim Caps™


Formulated with owner expertise and based on the Philosophy of Regeneration™, Vitalite® Slim Caps™ supplements are designed to work synergistically with the body’s own natural cleansing systems.*

 Vitalite® Slim Caps™ are designed to give you a jump start on a healthy lifestyle that will help promote longevity and happiness. Unlike many other weight-management products on the market today, Vitalite® Slim Caps™ are all natural, made without chemical and synthetic additives.

Because Vitalite® Slim Caps™  are designed as part of a sustainable weight-management program, we also recommend daily exercise in combination with a sensible diet, including high-fiber, low-fat foods such as vegetables, fruit, lean white meats or fish.

Vitalite Slim Caps Ingredient Research

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