We all want to feel Fit, Flexible, Vibrant and Strong – Baby Steps

We all want to feel Fit, Flexible, Vibrant and Strong – Baby Steps

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Sunrider Baby Steps


We all want to feel fit, Flexible, vibrant and strong – Baby Steps

We ALL want to be able to move our body when we want and how we want, without pain and restriction.  We want vibrant healthy young looking skin, no muscle pain, great looking teeth. We want flexibility, the feeling of energy and not feel lethargic. We all want a better nights sleep. We also want to wake up to a new day, rested and energized. 

We all know what we need to do….

We all know that we should, exercise, not smoke, eat a diet rich of fruits, vegetables, cut back on alcohol, be around uplifting positive people. Laugh, have fun with friends and family, Work in a healthy environment and contribute to the community.

Why is it that we don’t do or have all of the above? I Think it is because of our daily habits. Our feelings and our health are all related to the small actions we take (or don’t take) each and every day. 

My wife and partner in life, always says (she is 100% Right ALL the Time), that we can all start with baby steps to improve our health and wellbeing. 

Maybe NOW is a good time to take a good look at what habits we can change for the better.

Baby steps

The old saying “We are what we eat” is true. I know for a fact that i feel so much better when I eat a low calorie nutrient dense diet. Most people agree with me. Most people know the feeling of fatigue after eating too much or after eating a “heavy unhealthy meal”. 

We can start with baby steps. Let’s start with hydration. Let’s start with switching some of the everyday drinks and foods that we consume and see how we feel. I have found that switching out sodas, sugar drinks, “power drinks” and other caffeine drinks,  to drinking water and healthy drinks makes me feel better. 

The pure fact that we will not be digesting sugar and other unknown artificial ingredients into our body is already a plus. Drinking more water is an awesome way to change the PH level in your body from an acidic to an alkaline direction.

Try setting a bottle of water next to your bed at night just before you go to sleep. As you wake up, sit up in your bed and just relax and drink the bottle down, slowly and relaxed.

You will see, within the hour after you get up out of bed, you will feel “awake”. One of the reasons is that your body has dehydrated over the night time while you were asleep. Now During the rest of the day, make a small change (remember what my better half says – small baby steps) drink more water very few hours. If you want to really feel fabulous, you may want to add some Sunrider Fortune Delight Concentrated Herbal Beverage and Calli to your daily water intake.

I have found that my body feels so much better after switching “unhealthy” hydration to better cleaner healthy hydration.

The two drinks mentioned here Fortune Delight Drinks and Calli Drinks are full of a balance of Cleansing and Nourishing Plant Extracts.

Sunrider Fortune Delight

Sunrider Fortune Delight www.SunHealthAz.com 602-492-9214

The Two drinks help Detoxify the body with Anti-Aging Antioxidants. They Enhance the bodies Natural Cleansing Process and Replenish and Hydrate the body with healthy nutrients.  

When I drink them (everyday for the last 27 years) I feel “light” energized, a healthy energy, unlike those “energy drinks”. My thinking is clear, and I sleep much better. I have lots of awesome stories about the two drinks…. I know you will see the difference in your everyday wellbeing, just by taking this one baby step and hydrate more with water and the Sunrider Fortune Delight Drink and the Calli Drink. They come in different flavors and packs of ten or sixty. You will love how your body feels. Your body will thank you for it!

Sunrider Calli Herbal Beverage www.SunHealthAz.com

Sunrider Calli Herbal Beverage. www.SunHealthAz.com 602-492-9214

If you are like me and enjoy a little sweetness, you may want to add the Sunrider SunnyDew or the Sunrider Sunectar to your drinks as well. Up to you 🙂 

We Love SunnyDew!! Savor the flavor of our bestselling Stevia Supplement,

We Love SunnyDew Stevia!! Savor the flavor of our bestselling Stevia Supplement, SunnyDew! Www.SunHealthAz.com 602-492-9214

Let’s start feeling better today with this small baby step and from there you might feel better and we can start on the rest of the list above. 

Sunrider Sunectar www.SunHealthAz.com 602-492-9214

Sunrider Sunectar www.SunHealthAz.com 602-492-9214 SunHealthAz@gmail.com

Please feel open to contacting us at our home office number : 602-492-9214 for any and all questions. We are all here to make a positive difference in the lives of others. Our email is : SunHealthAz@gmail.com 

Sunrider FREE Shipping www.SunHealthAz.com 602-492-9214 SunHealthAz@gmail.com

Sunrider FREE Shipping www.SunHealthAz.com 602-492-9214 SunHealthAz@gmail.com








You Have To Date…. To Fall In Love! Try SunTrim Plus®  and You Will Love It!

You Have To Date…. To Fall In Love! Try SunTrim Plus® and You Will Love It!

Feel the Difference in only 30 Minuets!  With SunTrim Plus!

Feel the Difference in only 30 Minutes! With SunTrim Plus!

 My thoughts on Suntrim Plus®

OK, this product has been around for months now and the testimonials are really starting to pour in!
It seems that the long term use is powerful!
Many say their bodies have really reshaped and the product even works if you forget to take it 1/2 hour before your meal. Many of my friends take it with their meal and are losing weight! I am definitely giving it a try.
Try dating a new bottle of Suntrim Plus and see if you fall in love too!

We are what we eat, so it’s no big secret why we’re overweight-we eat too much. So how do we eat less naturally and what will happen to the fat already accumulated in your body?

SunTrim® Plus is the solution.

This is a true fat-loss product. – Dr. Tei-Fu Chen

Here are some of the differences between SunTrim® Plus and other weight-loss products on the market:

  • Decreases Stomach Capacity Naturally. If your stomach has a two-liter capacity, SunTrim® Plus will lessen it to one liter or less.* As your stomach’s volume capacity decreases and is reset to its natural capacity, you will require less food to feel satiated, thereby supporting long-term weight loss.
  • Breaks Down Fat Already Accumulated. Each highly concentrated ingredient, such as green coffee bean and garcinia mangosteen, works together to help the stomach digest and break down fat already accumulated in the stomach, thighs, legs, and rear, and flush it from your system.*
  • Highly Concentrated. Most products simply grind up green coffee bean, capsule it, and sell it. It’s not concentrated. Every ingredient in SunTrim® Plus is very highly concentrated. It takes 360 pounds of green coffee bean just to get 5-6 pounds of extract for SunTrim® Plus. It’s incredibly hard to concentrate, but we are able to do it because we invested in the right machinery.
  • No Harsh Stimulants. Many weight-loss supplements rely on harsh or dangerous amounts of stimulants such as ma huang or guarana (which can be 10-15 times more stimulating than coffee). SunTrim® Plus uses just a small amount of caffeine(found naturally in the green coffee bean extract) to jump start your body’s metabolism.
  • Is Not an Appetite Suppressor. Appetite suppressors are also widely used. It works on the brain to depress you so you don’t want to eat anything which is very unhealthy and unsustainable long term. SunTrim® Plus does not suppress the appetite.

Sunrider’s newest formula – SunTrim+ will help you in so many ways!

You will love how it helps you!

Give it a try!

*These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.

Sunrider Founder Dr. Chen Debunks Four Popular Weight Loss Strategies

Sunrider Founder Dr. Chen Debunks Four Popular Weight Loss Strategies

Sunrider's Dr Chen and Suntrim PlusIn a recent conference call, Sunrider founder Dr. Tei Fu Chen talks about four of the most popular weight loss strategies. Following is a summary of the call:

You can find many people around you that are overweight. Obesity is a public enemy; a disease we all must deal with directly or indirectly. Obesity also comes with other problems such as diabetes and cardiovascular disease. Today, I see many weight-loss products on the market hailing the benefits of chemical protein powder, which I do not consider a food nor nutritious for the human body. Let me explain a few other popular, yet flawed, weight-loss strategies you may have heard of.

Popular Weight Loss Strategy #1

Some weight-loss products rely on ingredients your body cannot digest well with the theory that these substances will take up room in your stomach so there is less space to consume calories your body can digest and thus lose weight. Initially, people may experience some weight loss, but eventually the body’s natural eating habits will urge the person to consume the same caloric intake it is used to eating.
Now you are left adding the volume of food required to meet your normal caloric intake, the volume of indigestible “weight loss” product, and are increasing your volume intake. As your volume intake increases, your stomach has to stretch to accommodate the increased volume. When a person stops taking the weight-loss product, they are left with an expanded stomach that has the capacity to hold even more food before feeling satiated. This becomes a vicious cycle: the stomach stretches out, your waistline expands, the larger stomach volume requires more food volume (calories) to feel satiated, and you gain more weight. This vicious cycle is a struggle for many people looking to lose weight. They lose a little weight only to gain it all back.

Popular Weight Loss Strategy #2

Another widely used approach is using medication to reduce your appetite. It works on the brain to depress you so you don’t want to eat anything. Unfortunately, what most people don’t realize is you end up eating more food, not less. Ask yourself, do you eat more food or less food when you are feeling depressed? Yes, the medication may help a person eat less during dinnertime, but feeling depressed all day may cause people to snack in between their main meals, thus eating more calories throughout the day than if they just ate according to their normal habits!

Popular Weight Loss Strategy #3

Speed up your metabolism with stimulants to burn more calories. Some products use large amounts of added caffeine or ma huang. Others use guarana which can be 10–15 times more stimulating than coffee. The theory is that if you take ma huang to speed up your metabolism then you can burn calories faster. Currently, there is a lot of discussion about the potential life-threatening dangers of consuming energy drinks with high levels of these stimulants. ABC News recently reported a study from a survey of U.S. hospitals by the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration which said, “The number of emergency-room visits linked to energy drinks had doubled in four years – from 10,000 in 2007 to 20,000 in 2011.”

See the full story here.

Popular Weight Loss Strategy #4

And then there are those who combine a rigorous exercise regimen with dangerously low caloric intake and a nutritionally imbalanced crash diet to reach their weight-loss goal faster. This group will realize later they have damaged their metabolism while ultimately gaining back all, and possibly more, of the weight they worked so hard to lose.

All four of these strategies help explain why so much money is being spent in the weight-loss industry. How many people do you personally know who bounce from one fad diet to the next, temporarily losing a few pounds and then gaining it all back before moving to the next diet craze? The more people hopelessly wandering from one failed fad diet to the next, the more money the weight-loss industry stands to gain from feeding the public their empty promises of long-term results.

The Philosophy of Regeneration

How did we get here as a society? Simply put, we forced our bodies to accept a larger quantity (and nutritionally poorer quality) of food than what our bodies need to function optimally. Gradually our bodies became used to these bad habits.
How to naturally break this bad habit? For over 30 years, Sunrider has remained firm in its belief that the human body is a complex machine with the inherent ability to care for itself if given the proper quantity and the right balance of nutrition. We refer to this point of view as the Philosophy of Regeneration®.

SunTrim Plus

Based on Sunrider’s Philosophy of Regeneration®, we believe this breakthrough weight-loss product stands to turn the entire diet industry upside down. We’ve already received many jaw dropping success stories!
In Sunrider, we understand we need to choose our foods very carefully in order to lose weight. SunTrim® Plus is truly a breakthrough weight-management product. It’s not an appetite depressant—nor is it a stimulant—and you don’t need to possess the uncommon willpower to avoid the foods you really want to eat. It is not an appetite suppressant, rather it readjusts the capacity of your stomach; you will have an appetite like normal but you simply will eat less without requiring extraordinary willpower or experiencing depression.*
Consider this example of pumping gas: Let’s say the gas tank in your car has a 20 gallon capacity. When the tank is empty, your gas gauge reads “E” for empty, and when you add 20 gallons of gas the gauge then reads “F” for full. SunTrim® Plus works by filling your “tank” to ½ full while the gas gauge thinks the tank has received full capacity. Most of us don’t need to eat as much as we do, so this product helps your body go back to its natural eating habits. Not only do you lose weight, but you will also have energy during weight loss you have never experienced before. In short, it helps your body “relearn” how much food it needs. Another added benefit is that it helps the stomach digest and breakdown fat already deposited in your body.*
The effects of this product can be felt within 30 minutes of taking it prior to eating your meal. Many of you who take SunTrim® Plus may experience bathroom visits a little more often; it is not diarrhea, but you go more often. Don’t worry, it is helping to break down and flush the fat that accumulates in your stomach, thighs, legs, so a few more trips to the restroom in this case are a good thing.
Even more exciting is that once you start to control your appetite, your stomach will gradually get used to the decreased food volume. Instead of stretching out your stomach and making it bigger (weight-loss strategy #1), your stomach will shrink and require a lower quantity of food for long-term weight loss.
Be sure to take measurements of yourself as you start using this new product. Measure your weight and inches and you will see the difference. A day, a week, you will see results! Some people may need a little more time, but regardless this is an incredible product. SunTrim® Plus will not disappoint you. It works and is truly a breakthrough weight-loss product!
This product epitomizes Sunrider’s Philosophy of Regeneration® in that it allows your body to achieve weight loss naturally. Food will be on your plate but you simply won’t have the urge to finish it. You won’t feel depressed or over stimulated, because it happens so naturally. You are in total control.
I also recommend that you drink Fortune Delight® during each meal. Any time you are following a weight-loss program you should drink a lot of fluids and Fortune Delight® is the best. Take SunTrim® Plus 30–45 minutes before each main meal, three times per day, and also drink Fortune Delight® 30 minutes before each meal.
This is also an incredible business opportunity. Think about how many people need a product like this. Many people in your life may be overweight or obese, or even those who just want to lose just a few pounds.
I look forward to seeing you in person during the 2013 Cruise! Hopefully we will all have a healthier, trimmer body and your business will be prosperous. This is the time for us to prosper.

Listen to SunTrim® Plus success stories.

* This statement has not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.


Introducing Sunrider’s Newest Product – The SunFit Pack!

Introducing Sunrider’s Newest Product – The SunFit Pack!

I am excited to be back from the FREE Sunrider Baltic Cruise I was so fortunate to attend last month! I will tell you all about that in a separate post (for those of you interested in making money with Sunrider).

But, I am even more excited to announce the release of a new Sunrider product, designed to maximize weight loss!

NEW! The SunFit Pack

Sunrider is truly ramping up their efforts to help the world lose weight! On the eve of the release of the exciting new Fitness Brigade at-home workout system, Sunrider has released the exciting new SunFit Pack.

Take a look at what Dr. Chen has to say about the SunFit Pack in this short video:

The SunFit® Pack includes five Sunrider products (each available separately) that will put you on track to the body you’ve always wanted:

sunrider sunfit packSunTrim® Plus is a groundbreaking supplement that works within 30 minutes to help you feel fuller so you don’t overeat, helps regulate your metabolism, and works to flush fat already accumulated in troublesome areas such as the butt, stomach, and thighs.* Our concentrated herbal formula contains powerful ingredients such as cocoa bean, green coffee bean, resveratrol, green tea, and mangosteen.

Fortune Delight® provides healthy, natural hydration backed by the power of antioxidants to promote the benefits of SunTrim® Plus while harmonizing with the body’s natural cleansing process.

VitaShake® is a whole-food powder with fewer than 100 calories a serving, no cholesterol, very low sodium, and very low sugar, making it an ideal supplement to help achieve your weight-loss goals.

SunBar® provides true nutrition and sustained energy in a concentrated herbal food bar. Rich in fiber and protein, it is made with whole-food ingredients such as nuts, grains, herbs, and dried fruits.

SunnyDew® stevia extract enhances the flavor of foods and beverages while supporting a healthy lifestyle. Highly concentrated, just a few drops turn even a plain glass of water into a delicious beverage, with zero added calories!


*This statement has not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.

Flower Power Refreshing Fortune Delight Drink!

Flower Power Refreshing Fortune Delight Drink!

2 sachets of Sunrider Fortune Delight Peach Flavor,

1 Sachet of Sunrider Fortune Delight Lemon Flavor,

1 Squirt of Sunrider SunnyDew,

2 cups of Ice,

6 cups of Water,


Mix the Sunrider Fortune Delight Peach and lemon flavors in two cups of  room temperature

water, then add the rest of the recipe with the four more cups of water.

This drink will help Nourish and Hydrate your body so fast, you will feel amazing !!!