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[Video] – Why I Love Sunrider

[Video] – Why I Love Sunrider

I believe in Sunrider and their products because I have used them for 20 years. Not only that, but my wife (a holistic nutritionist) has also used them for 20 years.

Our children (now fully grown adults) lived the Sunrider lifestyle.

Why do we so fervently believe in these products that we pass them on through generations? All of my blog posts will tell you why.

But, you don’t have to take my word for it. There are thousands of other Sunriders out there that love the products as much as me and my family do. Here’s one:

Like many “Sunriders,” Laurie began using only one or two products. But she loved them so much, she expanded more and more into living the Sunrider Lifestyle. Now she and her family live a healthier (and happier) lifestyle.

Best beginner products – Most popular products for the Beginning Sunrider=


Wishing you a day of Fortune and Delight!

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Chinese Foods that Balance the Body’s 5 Systems

Chinese Foods that Balance the Body’s 5 Systems

According to Chinese belief, the flow of nature is divided into five parts, referred to as the Five Elements of the Quinary (water, wood, fire, earth and metal). They represent balance within the universe. Every living thing is made up of these Five Elements, whether it be animal, vegetable or human. Because the body is made up of the Five Elements, it is believed the  most effective nourishment is made up of whole foods also containing the Five Elements. This whole food has its energy intact and can easily be used and assimilated by the body for nourishment.

sunrider philosophy of regeneration

Sunrider bases all their products on this powerful philosophy. And all of their products contain whole foods, not chemicals.  As they say:

We are meant to eat oranges, not Vitamin C.

So, to keep the body’s five systems in optimum health, Sunrider offers the following high quality products: Prime Again, Conco, Assimilaid, Lifestream, and Alpha 20C

5 systems - 5 sunrider productsOrder them separately to support the systems you feel need help, or get them conveniently all in one in Quinary:

Quinary balances the five system of the body



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This Week’s Health Seminar – Featuring Dr. Bryan Geier, Chiropractor

This Week’s Health Seminar – Featuring Dr. Bryan Geier, Chiropractor

aaron shusterLately I’ve been offering weekly health lectures designed to educate people on living a healthier life.

This weeks lecture featured Dr. Bryan Geier of Geier Chiropractic and Wellness Center. He gave an amazing talk about the “10 Gut Busters.”  Ten things that we regularly ingest that make our bodies acidic. This acidic condition then leads to toxicity of the liver, kidney, gall bladder, and spleen.

As a result, we experience allergies, heartburn, fatique, weight gain, digestive problems, immune system dysfunction, and much more!

The 10 “Gut Busters” include many things that we all love and crave – like Chocolate, Coffee, Sugar, and more.

But, there is hope!

We don’t necessarily have to give up all the “Gut Busters”.  I can seriously eat a large pizza by myself at any time.

But, I know now that we must only have those so-called “Gut Busters” in moderation.  Then let’s take it one tiny step further. Why wouldn’t we want to add products to our diet that will help us do the following?

  1. Reduce our craving for the “Gut Busters”
  2. Limit the effect of these “Gut Busters”

So what are these products, you ask?  One simple answer…  Sunrider!

The Sunrider product line consists of Whole Food items that aid digestion, boost the immune system, give you more energy, aid in mental clarity, and overall help you achieve a more complete diet.  Its easy to start with our delicious tea, Fortune Delight sweetened with a little Sunny Dew.

In this blog I give you more information about the product line and how it can help you live a happier, healthier, and longer life. So stay tuned to learn more about how Sunrider products will get you there.

If you would like to order you can also view information at Sunrider, but before you order let me tell you about some amazing discounts!!

For more information about Sunrider products, please call Aaron at (602) 295-1781 and / or email at :