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Begin The Year With Balance

Begin the Year with Balance The end of 2016 year is almost here. Looking forward to the new 2017 year.  Most of us are thinking about how they can improve their lives in the coming year. It could be health, education, travel, taking up that hobby you’ve always wanted too. Maybe changing jobs, moving, or […]

Happy Healthy Holidays with Sunrider!

Happy Healthy Holidays with Sunrider :-)

Happy Healthy Holidays with Sunrider 🙂 Happy Healthy Holidays with Sunrider! We want to wish you and your family Happy Healthy Holiday’s with Sunrider 🙂 The coming month will be filled with wonderful fun times with friends and family!  Lots of people are going to be very busy traveling to family and friends, planning […]

Is STRESS damaging your health?

A high-fat diet may cause brain changes that lead to anxiety and depression

A high-fat diet may cause brain changes that lead to anxiety and depression. Consuming a high-fat diet may cause brain changes that lead to anxiety and depression, and although switching to a healthy diet reverses metabolic changes, mood problems persist, preliminary research suggests. Results of the mouse study showed that a high-fat diet is linked […]

Hello and Welcome to the Sunrider Thanksgiving party!

Happy Healthy Sunrider Thanksgiving !

Happy Healthy Sunrider Thanksgiving! Happy Healthy Sunrider Thanksgiving! Friends-giv-ing, n. a growing trend in which people host a potluck-style Happy Healthy Sunrider Thanksgiving party for their friends and associates a week before or after Thanksgiving. It is a very popular trend amongst young adults, or people who do not have plans to go home for the […]

Sunrider Suntrim Plus

You Have To Date…. To Fall In Love! Try SunTrim Plus® and You Will Love It!

 My thoughts on Suntrim Plus® OK, this product has been around for months now and the testimonials are really starting to pour in! It seems that the long term use is powerful! Many say their bodies have really reshaped and the product even works if you forget to take it 1/2 hour before your meal. […]

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Amazing Sunrider Testimonials!

We are proud to announce that we have added an entire page to our website that’s dedicated to tons amazing Sunrider testimonials! People love Sunrider so much that they are always willing to share their personal stories of success. How Sunrider helped them lose weight, how Sunrider helped with a particular ailment, how Sunrider helped […]

[Video] – Why I Love Sunrider

I believe in Sunrider and their products because I have used them for 20 years. Not only that, but my wife (a holistic nutritionist) has also used them for 20 years. Our children (now fully grown adults) lived the Sunrider lifestyle. Why do we so fervently believe in these products that we pass them on […]

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Chinese Foods that Balance the Body’s 5 Systems

According to Chinese belief, the flow of nature is divided into five parts, referred to as the Five Elements of the Quinary (water, wood, fire, earth and metal). They represent balance within the universe. Every living thing is made up of these Five Elements, whether it be animal, vegetable or human. Because the body is made up of the Five Elements, it […]

Flower Power Refreshing Fortune Delight Drink!

2 sachets of Sunrider Fortune Delight Peach Flavor, 1 Sachet of Sunrider Fortune Delight Lemon Flavor, 1 Squirt of Sunrider SunnyDew, 2 cups of Ice, 6 cups of Water,   Mix the Sunrider Fortune Delight Peach and lemon flavors in two cups of  room temperature water, then add the rest of the recipe with the […]

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Learn How to Make Extra Money with Sunrider – 3-Part Webinar Series

Sunrider recently rolled out a new Business Plan. With this plan, the average increase in income for Business Leaders was 148% in April!THREE-PART WEBINAR SERIES – Series Focuses on New Plan’s Income OpportunitiesJoin John Teng and Sunrider leaders for this three-part webinar series as they share how to maximize your income under the new Business […]

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