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Sunrider Products PhoenixAaron Shuster is a Sunrider Business Leader, having been in the business for 20 years.

Before becoming a full-time Sunrider, Aaron and his wife Sel (a holistic nutritionist) owned and operated a health food store. They were so impressed with the quality and effectiveness of Sunrider products that they began selling them in the store.

Eventually, they sold the store and that’s when Aaron devoted all of his time to spreading the word about Sunrider and their amazing products.

A message from Aaron:

I was always tired, I would have ups and downs of energy all day long… I was used to drinking up to 15 cups of strong coffee a day… I would get really tired around 4:00pm and then again at around 8:00 pm.   I was tired of being tired… Even though I worked out and tried to stay in ” reasonable” shape, I always had weight fluctuation.  It was always easy for me to gain unwanted weight.  It was a constant battle….

I first heard about the Sunrider International whole foods and Beverages in the early 1980’s, I was involved in the Security field, and I do not mean the financial Security field…..  Our job entailed being “on” and “ready” ALL the time. When I was eating (and I, can really eat) large fantastic tasting meals, my team / coworkers were ordering a salad and having a “shake and a health bar”.   I thought they were crazy, here we were at the best restaurants in the world, eating anything we wanted, all paid for, and all they ordered and ate was a very small meal or a small salad and then they downed these shakes, herbal drinks and bars….  I should have realized then and there that that was the reason they were always in fantastic shape and ready at a moment’s notice without the fifteen cups of coffee or all the energy drinks that are now so popular.

Later on in life, my wife Sel (a holistic nutritionist) and I opened up a health food store.  It was just wonderful, we both just love being healthy, positive, motivational, hanging around uplifting people, improving the lives of others and just living and working in a positive environment.   We sold everything that you see today in a health food store, whole grains, teas, vitamins and minerals, goat milk and cheeses, whole grain breads of all kinds, diet supplements, energy supplements, baked goods and more.  We conducted weekly health seminars and assisted people with personalized health consulting and personalized meal plans. It was a very successful health food store to say the least.

Then one day, everything changed. A man walked in the store looking for  a certain tea and shake. He needed it for his wife that was going through some serious health issues.

None of our food suppliers had the tea or the exact shake that he wanted.  I asked him to bring me the empty box so that I could research it for him and get him what he so desperately wanted for his ailing wife. Seeing the Sunrider International Logo on the box and recognizing it, I immediately contacted a friend and former security team member and asked how can I get these whole foods and drinks for my new friend and his wife.

The last thing I wanted to do was spend more money and invest in more merchandise and stock for the store. I had already invested and borrowed more then I wanted or could.  I bought a few hundred dollars worth of the Sunrider regenerative whole foods and beverages for my new friend and to try for myself, thinking I could eventually sell those and that might be the end of it.  But then I started learning about Sunrider and the Philosophy of Regeneration that is the blueprint for all of their products.  Although I did not understand it all it, what I did know made sense to me.

I was already used to taking 9 to 14 different vitamins, minerals and supplements daily. I really understood the principle of eating healthier, lighter, less oils, fats, heavy meals.  I always felt tired after a big heavy meal like a large plate of pasta.  I always knew that the body was smart, could heal itself from a cut, for example.

Deep down I understood like everyone, that fruit and veggies are important to your health, and the more you eat of them the better.  The Philosophy of Regeneration just took it to the next step of health.  As I said before, I had used to have energy “swings”:  ups and downs all day.  From the first few weeks of using the Sunrider Basic product line, I felt much much better.  I was more calm, relaxed, not tired, had more energy and more patience to get through the busy day.   My skin cleared up, my headaches went away, my digestive system started to work better, I was sleeping better.  I would jump up out of bed in the morning full of energy and even I started to lose some unwanted weight!  A very nice side effect if I must say so myself!   People were asking me how do I feel, I said “Fantastic!  I am feeling just wonderful!”

They wanted to know why. Why am I feeling fantastic and they feel just so so?  I said it must be these Chinese herbs!  I explained that I just started drinking and eating them and I feel GREAT! They wanted to feel the same as well.   I sold some, people loved them and came back for more!

One lady came to our store as she was on her way home from work at a bank.  It was about 7:30 pm, She said she was just so tired, exhausted, and asked if I have anything that will help her.   I told her I would make her a shake filled with about 80 herbs, fruits and veggies.  She asked how can I do that and if it was going to taste good? I mixed her a shake with the Sunrider concentrated herbal Nuplus, a Sunrider Quinary, some Fortune Delight and a little bit of SunnyDew. She drank it, paid me and went home to her family. The next morning I arrived at the health food store at around 7:00 am and there she was standing outside our health food store, waiting for us to open up!

I was worried, it was so early …, I asked her if everything was fine, she said “yes, I feel fantastic!”  I asked her what does she mean?  She told me her story: the night before she was so tired after a long day of work at the bank, and she was not feeling well at all.  She went straight home after drinking the shake I had made her.  As a single mom to two young children, she started to clean up the kitchen sink that was filled with lots of dishes the kids left from the day, started to clean and set the table for dinner, started to cook and make dinner.  they all ate, she cleared the table, did the washing of the dishes, put all the uneaten food back in the fridge, started to clean up the kitchen, did the laundry, folded all the laundry and put it all away, took out the the area rugs, and started to beat them outside on the clothes line to get all the dust off them, washed ALL the floors in the house, cleaned the bedrooms and did all the dusting, cleaned the showers/ bathrooms, organized the living room, put all the kids toys away took out the trash, helped her kids with their homework, bathed them, did their hair, read them bedtime stories, made some phone calls, did the bills, worked in her home office, watched some TV and then walked the dog!  She said she went to bed at around 2:00 am!!! In the morning she felt great!

She wanted to know if she could get another fantastic 80 Herb, fruit and veggie shake!!!  I said “SURE”!

It was clear to me then, I was really on to something with Sunrider.

The Sunrider International Network Marketing Model

I really did not understand the Sunrider International business model of Network Marketing.  All I understood was that if I enjoy the Sunrider products, use them myself and share them with others, and they in turn purchase the products from Sunrider, Sunrider will send me a check….  So besides selling the Sunrider products at retail profit in my store, I also offered everyone to sign up as a Sunrider Customer member and purchase directly from Sunrider. Sunrider has a Customer Membership form, I would put in my customer’s details and mine.  This way Sunrider would know when I referred someone and the I get a commission check whenever they purchase!

My first check (within 30 days) was for $15!!!  Our first financial goal was to earn $400 a month, enough to pay for kindergarten for our first two boys 🙂

My second check from Sunrider was for $435!!!  In less than two months we hit our financial goal!  And please remember, we had NO intention to do Sunrider as a business!  I just kept eating, drinking, and using the Sunrider products in place of the products that we usually buy for the house.

I was feeling fantastic and loved sharing the Sunrider products with others.  We were earning income simply by sharing the products.  More and more people were enjoying  Sunrider products and seeing benefits from using them.  They had more energy, were losing weight, they were sleeping better, they felt stronger, and they said their overall health was improving, just by switching brands!

They also enjoyed eating, drinking, using the Sunrider all natural skin care line and cosmetics.   Everyone wanted to switch brands from the inferior products they were buying at the grocery store to our higher quality Sunrider products.  Our Sunrider business started to grow and grow!

Others also wanted to earn some money as well.  Everyone wanted to be able to get the Sunrider products for free! Also they wanted to earn another few hundred dollars or more (some wanted to earn over $10,000 a month and MORE)  per month part-time without leaving their jobs.

I told them, there is no large investment, no risk, no auto-ship, no sign up fee, no minimum orders – just potential to earn income and be healthy. They started telling their friends and contacts and they started to earn income as well!   Within eight months we were earning a full time income from our Sunrider Business 🙂 In a very short amount of time our friends and partners started earning BIG money as well!  Our business grew from being local to national to international 🙂  We routinely do business in Israel, South Africa, Europe and the U.S.A.  We are actively looking for positive, health-oriented like-minded people that want to improve their health, wealth and enjoy helping others to do the same.

We are so blessed to have friends and partners all over the world that “work” with us, helping others get to  a higher state of health and income.  Besides earning a very respectable income from Sunrider since 1994, we also have traveled all over the world with Sunrider.  Through the Free Sunrider Convention trips we’ve been to China (twice), most of the countries in Europe, Africa (about 10 times) , Hawaii (twice) California almost every year, a Free cruise to the Mediterranean and a free cruise to the Baltic s.    I probably have traveled overseas about 50 times since I have been in Sunrider, all paid for !!!

I could tell stories all day long about the fantastic people that we are so very fortunate to work with in our Sunrider business, the income we have earned and the wonderful times we have shared with all our team members and partners. Check out my blog – there you will find stories along with information about the wonderful line of Sunrider products. I have tried to put as much useful information on this site as possible, and am adding to it all the time.

And please feel free to contact us at anytime with any questions you might have concerning the Sunrider Products and the Sunrider business.  We love working together as a team to help each other.  It is and always has been our passion to be around positive like-minded  people, make a positive impact on the world with others and to live a healthy full, vibrant life together.

Hope to hear from you and see you on the next Sunrider trip 🙂

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