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Based on the Philosophy of Regeneration, Sunrider Products help keep the body in balance.

Philosophy of Regeneration

The Philosophy of Regeneration

Rather than developing products based on marketing hype or fad ingredients, Dr. Tei Fu Chen (Sunrider’s founder) bases all Sunrider products on a powerful philosophy – the Philosophy of Regeneration.  Distilled from thousands of years of Chinese herbal research, the Philosophy of Regeneration is the blueprint for every Sunrider product.  It guides the entire process from initial concept to finished product like a blueprint guides the building of a house or bridge.

In the traditional Chinese culture, providing the body with the proper nourishment and allowing the body to use these nutrients to regulate and balance itself is referred to as the Philosophy of Regeneration or the Philosophy of Balance. You’ve seen the Yin Yang symbol that represents this philosophy many times.

The Ancient Chinese Philosophy of Regeneration, has four principles:

Principle #1

The body heals itself with proper nutrition

yin-yang and philosophy of regeneration

Nourish, balance, and cleanse: The body has the innate ability to create Yin-Yang balance and order when properly nourished and cleansed. You need only provide your body with the proper nourishment and trust the inner wisdom to do its job!

The Chinese concept of harmony between yin and yang is the fundamental principle of life.  Too much yin or too much yang throws your body off balance.  For example, consider five horses pulling a chariot.  the five horses represent the body’s five major systems: the endocrine, digestive, respiratory, circulatory, and immune systems.  If one horse runs too fast or too slow, it will disrup the other horses and flip the balance of the chariot.  The chariot only runs smoothly with the five horses run in harmony.

Similary, our body enjoys health when all five systems run in balance

Thus, the primary function of Sunrider products is to promote balance, they nourish (yin) and cleanse (yang) your body to achieve a beautiful  balance for optimal health.

The products in the SunPack® are the foundation for optimal health:

1) NuPlus® fills in your nutritional gaps with micro-nutrients,
2) Quinary® balances the body’s five systems (shown on the diagram to the left).
3) Calli® contains antioxidants that assist the body’s natural cleansing process.

When Sunrider started, I first developed the SunPack®. Today, the SunPack® is still one of our most popular product packs because it works……, but as I’ve gotten older, I’ve perfected more healthy whole food products. – Dr. Tei Fu Chen, founder of Sunrider.

Principle #2

The body is designed to obtain its nutrition from Whole Foods not Chemicals.

Sunrider is whole food not chemicalsThe body is designed to recognize whole foods that nourish the body, not chemicals. Consuming chemicals such as protein powders and multivitamins causes malnutrition because it has a difficult time handling chemicals.

If you eat too many chemical isolates that are in most protein powders or vitamin pills, it can cause a lot of problems. Too much protein may cause irreversible kidney damage. Too much vitamin C increases the aging process. When vitamin C is left intact within an orange, it is part of what makes an orange a food, but the minute you pull it out of its original “life structure”, vitamin C becomes a chemical called ascorbic acid. Sunrider’s trade secret process preserves nutrients in their food form for easier digestion and absorption. – Dr. Chen.

Principle #3

The body is designed to be nourished with  wide variety of whole foods to provide it with total nourishment.

The body needs a variety of nutrition and a balance of nutrients. Unfortunately, in foods today, no one ingredient is perfect or sufficient to nourish the body. Sunrider offers a variety of nutrients

There are many kinds of foods with good and bad points, but there is no perfect food. Even antioxidants are not perfect. Unfortunately, many people overlook this important principle. They focus on one ingredient, one juice, or one category of nutrients as a cure-all because it’s simple. The reality is that our bodies are very complex and we need to eat a variety of foods. We have five major systems, and each system requires different foods to provide the proper nourishment and support. – Dr. Chen

Principle #4

Each person must be willing to accept responsibility for his or her own health.

dr tei fu chenExpertise in Formulation and concentration: When foods are properly combined, they are formulated to work together to create a stronger food. That means the strong point of one ingredient can cover the weakness of another.

Successful formulation—how to put the foods together in the right combinations, proportions and concentrations—requires knowledge, experience, creativity, and the ability to utilize the knowledge and experience of the past. All of these elements are necessary to fully realize the Philosophy of Regeneration. Sunrider borrows from China’s 5,000 years of practical experience and improves upon it. Over time most things in life change, but food is not one of them. – Dr. Chen

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