Live a Healthy Lifestyle with Sunrider

Based on the Philosophy of Regeneration, Sunrider Products help keep the body in balance.

Enriched Salsa Spread

1/2 Cup of Tofunaise/ or Vegenaise 1 Cup of Salsa 1 Sachet of Sunrider Quinary 1 Sachet of Sunrider Nuplus Plan mix all in a bowl

Great Guacamole

1 Avocado, 1 Tomato, 1 Sachet of Nuplus Simply herbs, 2 table spoons of Lemon Juice 1 Sachet of Sunrider Quinary Powder 4-8 Capsules of Sunrider Spirulina (open capsules and pour in) 1 clove of garlic   Mix all up and taste the Energy !

Sel’s Energy Dip

Sel’s Energy Dip 2 Cloves minced garlic 4 Table Spoons of Tahini (Gound Sesame Seed) 1 Sachet of Quinary Powder 1 Table Spoon Chopped scallion /Dill/ Parsley 4 Table Spoons of Diced Celery 2 Table Spoons of Lemon Juice   Mix all in a Bowl

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Learn How to Make Extra Money with Sunrider – 3-Part Webinar Series

Sunrider recently rolled out a new Business Plan. With this plan, the average increase in income for Business Leaders was 148% in April!THREE-PART WEBINAR SERIES – Series Focuses on New Plan’s Income OpportunitiesJoin John Teng and Sunrider leaders for this three-part webinar series as they share how to maximize your income under the new Business […]

This Week’s Health Seminar – Featuring Dr. Bryan Geier, Chiropractor

Lately I’ve been offering weekly health lectures designed to educate people on living a healthier life. This weeks lecture featured Dr. Bryan Geier of Geier Chiropractic and Wellness Center. He gave an amazing talk about the “10 Gut Busters.”  Ten things that we regularly ingest that make our bodies acidic. This acidic condition then leads […]

Earn extra income with Sunrider

Get Rid of …….Your Toxic Household Products!

In my post “Do Not Detox, until you read this“, I talked about detoxing.  Here, I wanted to show you an easy way not to get exposed to all those toxins in the first place – simply:  Switch Your Brands! Don’t get sick from your household products! Replace all the toxic products you are currently using […]

Do Not Detox, until you read this

Why do some doctors say detoxing can make you more toxic? Can that be true? Many health practitioners promote detoxing, others do not! You’ve probably heard it can remove pesticides, heavy metals and chemicals from your body and that it can help with fat loss and bolster your immune system. But here’s something you should know: […]

Sunrider SunTrim Plus Pack

SunTrim®+ Pack

In my last post, I told you about the great success that I’ve had with SunTrim+.  Now I’d like to share with you the way to enhance your weight loss results with the: SunTrim®+ Pack Featuring SunTrim®+, Sunrider’s newest revolutionary weight-loss supplement, the SunTrim®+ Pack is complete with the essential Sunrider® products to help you reach your weight-management […]

My Personal Story Using SunTrim+

I had heard some wonderful Successful Suntrim+ weight management stories from the lucky ones that had purchased the first batch of Suntrim+ at the Sunrider International 2012 Convention.  Friends of mine started losing weight in the first four days of the convention!  They said that they were eating a third less of what the used to eat, and this is at […]

Sunrider Sun Trim Plus

Get a Trim, Healthy Body with SunTrim+

Featuring SunTrim®, Sunrider®’s newest revolutionary weight-loss supplement. SunTrim® helps you eat less by creating a sense of fullness to pre-satisfy your hunger.  Our concentrated herbal formula contains powerful ingredients such as cocoa bean, green coffee bean, reveratrol, green tea, and mangosteen. Dr. Chen speaks about the benefits of SunTrim®: If you would like to try some, please […]

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