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“Fitness Brigade” is an exciting new fitness training program that Sunrider is launching very soon.





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Are you ready to take charge of the way you look and feel? Are you ready to shape up your body, rethink your eating habits, and establish a healthy lifestyle?

If so, then the Fitness Brigade Training Program our exciting fitness training program is for you.  Our breakthrough 90-day fitness training program is designed to help you burn fat, build muscle, and transform your entire body.  Using a balance of resistance and conditioning exercises, interval and circuit training, this program maximizes efficiency and results. 


The Fitness Brigade Training Program is overseen and approved by Dr. Reuben K. Chen, a board-certified medical doctor specializing in physical medicine and rehabilitation.  As part of the program, Dr Chen provides expert advice on ways to avoid injury and achieve optimal results by using proper technique and form. 


Fitness Brigade is part of Sunrider’s new SunFit program-a comprehensive fitness and nutrition program. Fitness Brigade’s intense exercise routines, based on actual military workouts, will help you get in the best shape of your life.

Nutrition and supplements are also vital to a good fitness program. Sunrider’s SunFit Pack contains five superstar Sunrider products to help you achieve your fitness and weight-management goals. Whether you want to shed pounds or get healthier, the SunFit program is for you.


The Fitness Brigade nutrition program is going to change your relationship with food. Instead of eating mindlessly because you’re stressed or bored, you’ll be fueling your self as a means to prepare yourself for the next workout or to recover from one you just did. This is eating with a purpose. 

Fitness training program


Our central nutritional principle is about maintaining balance. We’ll show you how to balance your caloric consumption with your caloric expenditure, balance your ratio of carbs, fat, and protein, and balance the cascade of hormones that are released after a meal. Welcome to a life in delicious balance. 


After 90 days of this body-transforming program, you’ll emerge reshaped, re-balanced, and motivated to continue your progress. Don’t delay, start today-excuses just add up to extra pounds. 


The set provides everything needed to create your own home gym and take you through the 90-day program and beyond:

  • 6-DVD Set with 12 progressive workouts
  • Fitness & Nutrition Guide
  • Resistance band
  • Workout schedule and tape measure to track fitness results
  • Proper form and injury prevention instruction 


I have a busy schedule, How much time does a workout take?

Each session is 40-45 minutes. Our workouts get right to the point-getting you fit. If you put in the effort, our workouts will get the most from every minute of your time. And because this is  a home-based workout, you won’t spend time going to and from the gym.

What is a typical workout like?

You’ll use your own body weight and resistance bands to perform high-intensity exercises with short periods of rest.  Our fitness expert will lead you through fast paced cardio and resistance drills in intervals that build strength, stamina, core stability, balance, agility, and flexibility (while incinerating calories!) . The variety of exercises not only 

How many calories will I burn each session?

Everyone burns calories at different rates, some faster, some slower. This is why you may not weigh the same as someone who has similar diet and maintains a similar activity level as you do. Our workouts provide the means to achieve your personal calorie-burning potential. 

How many days a week do I have to work out?

The number of days per week you work out depends on what stage of the program you’re in. During the initial phase, you’ll have more rest days, but as your fitness improves, your workouts will ramp up and you’ll have fewer days off. The program is specially calibrated to support continual fitness progression. 

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